Friday, November 28, 2008

November 28th

Still sick. I went to work but I shouldn't have. I had no voice at all and I thought I was doing ok by whispering all day (using my mic) only to find out that it's the worst thing you can do for laryngitis. I am going to try hard not to talk this weekend (year right) and hopefully get my voice back in shape by Monday. I promised the vice-principal that I wouldn't come to work if my voice wasn't back.

My daughter came over for her birthday dinner and then I got into my PJ's and tried to stay warm and rest my voice. No energy to work out tonight.

Sorry to anyone who was feeling encouraged by me. Hope you're all doing well!


Elements of Erin 337 said...

Hope you feel better soon. I know how frustrating it is to get sick but we are all human. I am actually suprized you don't sick more being a teacher.

You are still an inspiration to runner and fitness nuts everywhere.

Erin :-)

Paul said...

No matter what you're doing or how you're feeling you'll always be an inspiration. :)

gabsatrucker said...

Hey, I think I speak (write) for everybody, you're definitely an inspiration even if (maybe especially so) you're sick 'cause you're still giving it your all. Hope you feel better!


Kelownagirl said...

Aww, thanks you guys!

Truthfully, you guys are the ones who motivate me.

As for the challenge, - Erin and Paul - you both have run circles around me in the challenge. Half the time this month, I was only doing yoga. You guys have been riding outside, swimming, running. Yowza!

Thanks for the comments. :)