Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5th

30 minutes of yoga. I can do yoga whenever I am too tired to do anything else. And it's good for me. I feel better already. I did a relaxing set tonight - gotta love the Yogamazing podcast. It's awesome!

Tonight is Laser-Eye-Surgery Eve. Again. Kind of like going into labour - you know it's gonna hurt and you know you just have to do it because it's worth it. Maybe kind of like training too?

This is what my eyes were like 24 hours after my first surgery last March. This time round, I'm only getting one eye done so it won't be as bad. Maybe I will still be able to play on the computer while I sit at home for a few days. :)

The downer is that my appointment is at 8:45 am so I don't think I'll be able to fit in a run tomorrow morning before I go. Well, I might, it'll just depend on how I feel when I get up. The boys have an early volleyball practice tomorrow and have to leave at 7:15 so in theory I could run from 7:15-7:45 am, jump in the shower, and be ready by 8:30 when my mom picks me up. If not, I'm positive I'll be able to do yoga for the next three days, no matter how bad I'm feeling. I hope.

Well I'll check in tomorrow night. Hope everyone else is doing well. I know Maddyhubba managed to fit in 30 minutes of cycling today! Runninghoosier has had to drop out of the challenge due to a bad back. Hopefully, that'll turn around soon and he can rejoin us when he's ready!

Bryan? How about you? Maybe I'll go check your blog to see. :)

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