Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30th

Happy 25th birthday to another one of my babies. How can I have a kid who's 25?? I just don't understand this aging thing. I don't feel that old...

Well it's the end of the November Challenge, and for me, it finished with a whimper (and a whine.) It started with a crappy run last weekend, and then a sudden hit from a bad case of laryngitis. I have booked off sick tomorrow and I'm still not feeling well nor do I have much of a voice, integral in my job.

I did do 30 minutes of Yoga tonight, which felt good but was punctuated with bouts of coughing. But sad to say, I missed several days of exercise. I don't think it's a good idea to workout too hard, or go for a run when you're sick though. We need to take care of our bodies, right?!

Here are my totals from Beginner Triathlete:

November's totals:
Bike: 2h 00m
Run: 6h 32m 05s - 49.95 KM
Strength: 2h 21m
Aerobics: 40m
Hiking: 1h 30m
Volleyball: 45m
Walking: 20m
Yoga: 5h 55m
Total hours: 24:05

My goal of 30 minutes a day is equal to 15 hours of exercise in the month - I managed to beat that by 9 hours, even if I didn't workout every single day. I also know that I worked out MANY more days than I would have normally in November. So it's still a win in my mind. Plus, I'm rockin' that pushups challenge. I can do 23 pushups in a row now - pretty good for me! Week 4 starts on Monday!

I'd love to hear how everyone else did with this month-long challenge! Let me go back into the archives and refresh my memory.

Originally, we had:


all from Twitter.

Later in the month,


all joined in from the Runcast TV challenge.

And of course there are all my buddies from Beginner Triathlete, where the whole idea began. Those guys don't read my blog, but I do know Paul stuck with the challenge most of the month.

Thanks to everyone who joined in and helped to encourage one another in the various places that we chat.

Beginner Triathlete has started a new challenge for December. I am going to allow myself one rest day a week and aim for 30-45 minutes of exercise every day. If I could do it in November, I'm pretty sure I can do it again in December.

Anyone want to join me? :)

Cutting and pasting this from my BT log:

November Challenge Exercise
30 minutes a day EVERY DAY this month.

1 - Run 40:49
2 - Yoga 20:00, Pushups/Crunches 10:00
3 - Aerobics 20:00, Trainer 30:00
4 - Run 32:37
5 - Yoga 30:00
6 - Yoga 20:00, Pushups/Crunches 15:00
7 - Run 32:18, Yoga 20:00
8 - Walk 20:00 eye very painful today
9 - Yoga 40:00, Run 50:19, Pushups/Crunches 15:00
10- Trainer 30:00
11- Run 26:00 Yoga 20:00
12- Upper body 30:00, Trainer 30:00, yoga 20:00
13- Yoga 30:00
14- Upper body 30:00
15- Run 47:30
16- Trainer 30:00, Yoga 20:00
17- Aerobics 20:00, Yoga 20:00
18- Run 38:40, Yoga 20:00
19- Upper body 30:00
20- Run 38:07, Yoga 20:00
21- Volleyball 45:00
22- Run 1:00:51, Yoga 20:00, PU 19
23- Hiking 1:30:00, Yoga 20:00
24- Upper body 40:00, Yoga 20:00
25- Crappy Run 24:24 whining 6:00
26- Upper body 40:00
27- Sick :(
28- Sick
29- 65 pushups and 100 crunches (Still sick)
30- Yoga 30:00 (Still sick argh)


Lybbe said...

I was doing so well in your challenge until this last Saturday when I just couldn't muster up the energy to do anything after working all day and spending two hours driving on the highway. Still, one day out of a month isn't bad and I'm so glad you got me motivated to try.

That icky cough thing has hit a lot of us hard this month - at least we'll have it out of the way for Christmas.

I ask myself every week how I can have a 32 year old daughter, so I understand exactly how you're feeling.

kara said...

My total for Nov - 16hr. Work gets in the way LOL
You're way ahead of me girl!

LIrunner9 said...

You did awesome for the month of December. Sorry to hear you are fighting a cold:(

I would love to join your challenge for December:) I'm aiming to run at least 6 days a week, and to start the pushup challenge you do. I have read about it and followed your progress and am WAY impressed!! You totally rocked the pushups and all the other stuff you do. You go girl!!

I'd also like to incorporate yoga into my exercise as well, so hopefully I'll be able to join your challenge.


Elements of Erin 337 said...

I only missed 3 days! Almost perfect.

I am in for December. 90min yoga class tonight. December will be more challenging with all the temptations of parties and treats.

Who is up for a run on Christmast Day??!! I will be out there with jingle bells on.

Marathon Girl Leslie said...

Count me in!! Though mine would be more running and cross training.. That counts, right?

Leslie (Marathongirl on Twitter)

LIrunner9 said...

how do we check in? On a daily basis? and where??

For today, I did 5 miles in 50:05:)

Lybbe said...

Put me on the list for the December challenge. I'm just about to go do something for day 2.