Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9, 2009

Hello there my friends!

You know you done did a good abs workout when they are still sore two days later (and it hurts to cough). I am holding off one more day to my abs. I can barely move let alone work them. LOL... I'll try to do yoga before I go to bed.

My Sugoi package has been shipped (I messed up the credit card info which delayed it by a day or two). 3-5 days. Can't wait!

The temperature today was about -8C (18F) and it flurried enough this morning to dust the ground. All the roads have been heavily sprayed with calcium chloride so there shouldn't be any icey roads this week. Now that there is cloud cover, the temperatures will moderate and we are going to start getting some snow. They say we can expect a bigger dump of snow early next week.

Still busy at school with concert practices and crafts etc. Lots of fun. Also lots of errands to run trying to find materials we need. Hate that part but love the school part.

OK, got to go. More tomorrow. A run perhaps? The ankles/lower inner shins are sore today. Pooh.

Here's a funny video of me and my family wishing you a Merry Christmas! You'll have to click the link because I lost the embed code...


skierz said...

glad the hear the abs are still killing! I am on the bandwagon, but must have a base, no hurt when I cough(need to turn it up more)
Hope the foot gets better and you can get out on your run! Cheers!

Atrusni said...

Funny video!!, although I have to say, the dogs look kind of creepy!!

Nice workouts!!, its good to hear that at least someone is working out on this winter!!