Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009

OK, it's 9:15 pm. I am finally finished editing the show that was due out last Sunday. Ugh. I have to give it a listen before I post it, so thought I'd do my 15 mins of abs work and then update my blog.

To Skierz - Yes, please do join in! Leave a comment here and let us know what you're going to do and/or what you've done! Unless you happen to be a Beginner Triathlete member AND you live in BC, then let's just post out workouts here and keep each other motivated!

Anyone else want to join in?


skierz said...

Here is my start point! I hate abs workouts, avoid them like the the plague, I will start tonight with 15-20 and do at least 3 times weekely. I have sent out the challenge to others as well! let get it done! Cheers

Kelownagurl said...

All right!!!! I did mine last night. Will do them again pm Friday.

A word to the wise - start slow. It takes a few times to get your body used to it. Otherwise, you end up too sore to workout the next time.