Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

Ok, I changed my mind. What was I thinking, planning 2-a-day workouts during my first week of training? I do not need to swim or bike 3 times a week during the first few weeks, and I'll just get bagged if I try.

New Plan

M- swim
T - run
W - bike
T - run
F - off
Sa - long run, swim
Su - long bike

I'll fit in strength 3X a week where I can.

Got my hair cut. Way short, but I think I like it.

And foils done. Too much grey these days.

Went to the gym this afternoon. Only had 40 minutes to row then had to pick up Erik. Old guy on single rowing machine, and every elliptical machine busy so I walked on the treadmill, waiting for him to finish up. 22 minutes at a 16 min mile. By the time I got to row, I only have 10 minutes left so I did a little over 2000m in 10 minutes (goal is 2:30 per 500m or faster).

Better than nothing I guess.

Stoopid shins still hurt quite a bit so that's why I did the gym instead of run. REALLY hope I can run tomorrow.

I also cleaned out my spice cupboard. :)


Mike Russell said...

You need to give those shins time to recover! When mine start to hurt, I spend more time on the trainer and make sure I am pulling up on the upstroke of the pedal rotation. It seems to help alleviate the pain.

Lois Lane 33 said...

I agree with Mike! I had shin issues this past summer and it got to the point that I had to quit running altogether and spend TWO MONTHS in physical therapy. After that, I was able to start running again, only on a treadmill, and at easy intervals (1 min run/5 min walk for a week; 2 min run/4 min walk for a week, etc.). Back it off for a running for several weeks!! Stay away from anything that causes pressure on the shins, and this includes the elliptical!

A good thing to do is to start working on strengthening your ankles. I use a Bosu for stability exercises. I learned about this from my PT. She would be so proud that I still do them. You need to stretch a lot, every day. And I HIGHLY recommend yoga.

Drusy said...

I always see your late night tweets when I log in early mornings on twitter. Ships passing in the night, we're always just a bit out of sync! Stuart is going to do a late RRT open mike on 6 Jan I hope to talk with you then, Barb. Have a great New Year!

Triathlon Mind said...

From what I understand your shins are giving issues. I would focus on swimming and some biking until they recover.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Sounds like we've had similar injuries and frustrations, here's to hoping 2010 will treat us both right! Happy New Year :)

Kelownagurl said...

oh I know I know. I had had shin splint off and on for 2 years. I have cut back on running and/or taken res breaks numerous times. I have had PT and MT. I have stretched, iced, rolled, strengthened.

And I this fall I stopped heel-striking and started all over again with forefoot running, slowly building up with a walk run program.

I'm just so pissed off that despite EVERYTHING, my shins still hurt.

HOWEVER, they are not bad and I am going to take time off this week and not run again until next weekend.

Just another hurdle.