Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

Hi y'all...

Felt great all day. Bundled up and went for a run in the neighbourhood when I got home from work. It was cold (-11C, 12F) and dark but I felt pretty good.

I warmed up a bit - 2 min walk, 2 min run, 2 min walk. Then did 5/1, and then 6/1's for the rest. Last 6/1 I went faster (6 min km). 4.5 km in 33:20 overall.

I wore my Craft warm tights with my lined track pants over top. Sports bra, base layer, Sugoi Mid-Zero jersey (Erik's), and my Far West Goretex jacket. Also wore a headband, scarf, and gloves. I took off the gloves after 2 km and my cheeks didn't feel like they were freezing anymore after I warmed up.

As usual, my lower legs felt sore and achey. I stretched and iced after and they felt ok. I don't know if this minor pain is starting to add up or if it will eventually go away. I am counting on the latter.

My abs are sore from yesterday's workout..... That's probably good news.

It's supposed to start clouding over tomorrow and that means it'll warm up a bit, closer to -5ish and snow flurries for the rest of the week.

Skierz - haha, I made another batch of soup and have been eating that all week. With the Christmas season upon us, it's going to get tough... ;) Looking forward to hearing about your run week!

Clinton - thanks for the comment! :)

KG out.

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skierz said...

Ahhh, a nice hot bowl of unburnt soup, I am sure it taste great after a chilly run!:) Your legs could be getting back into the routine and hopefully should start feeling better as you go forward! Day 2 abs tonight, going to look up the wrokout you referred to and see if I cant make it hurt a bit! Tonights run should be fuin, snow today, rain this afternoon, sure to build character! Cheers