Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29 2009

Two cool things.

1. I went for a run with a twitter friend, @lanabana from Langley, the other day! She was in town and wanted to take her dog out for an off-leash run so I met her out my way and took her up to my trail. We had a great run although it was kind of icey in patches. Lana was very nice and not at all scary like you imagine internet friends to be (LOL, JUST KIDDING!) although I think I talked her ear off... :) We did 5.2 km about 42 minutes and she was very kind to do my pace and take walk breaks.

2. I finally bought some trail shoes. After much deliberation, driving and calling around, looking online etc etc, I found a pair that fit like a glove. In fact they felt like slippers, they were so comfortable.

They are Salomon XT Wings and are very pretty too. :) :) I chose them partly because they are suitable for both trail and road running which is important to me so I can wear them running in the snow in my neighbourhood, as well as on the trails winter and summer. They are not gore-tex - I decided against that because the snow is so dry here anyway and people suggested all I really need are wool socks.

They are a stability shoe so I may or may not wear my orthotics in them. I will have to wait and see. I think I'll start out with them in though. Also, they fit a bit big so I ended up with size 8 instead of 8.5.

My stoopid shins are getting "sorer" every time I run, crap, so I guess I need to go back to 5/1 for a few runs and see if I can get rid of the pain. Massage, stretching, yadda yadda. They are not too bad, I could ignore it and keep going but they are getting worse so it's probably smarter to go to 5/1 for awhile. I'd rather do that than cut back my running time/distance anyway.

What else?

Oh yeah, I set up the 100 km trainer challenge on Dailymile too so people can join from there as well. Go here if you're on Daily Mile or here if you are on Buckeye Outdoors or just comment here on this blog if you don't belong to either one and you still want your participation recognized. :) Goal: To ride the trainer for 100km on January 1st.

2010 Training Plan

I've been playing around with a few plans and decided to do my own once again. I end up tweaking the preset plans so much I may as well do my own. However, I will likely use some of the workouts from the plan Nick lent me as well as the workouts that Brian gave me last spring.

Here's a rough schedule of my January plans

M- easy bike
T - 30 min run, easy swim
W- bike intervals/hill
T- 30 min run, swim
F - off
Sat- long run - swim today or Sun
Sun- long bike - swim today or Sat

I'm also going to fit in strength training, prob on M, W, and weekend

I dunno. This is a first draft for base training.


I think I've decided what to do to celebrate the 50th episode, and one year anniversary, of my podcast. I'm going to do 50 triathlon tips. Is that too many? Can I think of that many? Who knows. I'm going to ask people to call or email in with their tips to include in that 50. It might work, I have 3 weeks. Hmm I might start a list and see if it's doable or not....

Must. Sleep. TTYL


Mike Russell said...

Keep the podcast going. People like you who are willing to put themselves out there are the ones that I learn the most from.

Great work

Jamie said...

Sweet new kicks! I've been doing a little more trail running lately and could probably use some trail specific shoes too.

If you need a little help getting to 50, let me know. God knows I've made enough training/racing mistakes to have learned a few things along the way. :-)