Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009

Did you get your run in today? I got my run in today.

My long run that is.

I was excited and looking forward to my long run today. The goal was 8km plus a half km walk before and after as warmup/cooldown. As usual, it was tough to start running. I walked 5 minutes, ran 3 and walked 2. Then ran 7 and walked 3. After that, I felt warmed up enough to run 9/1, 11/1, 9/1, 11/1. I ended it with another 5 mins of walking.

I ran on the greenway and the temp was +2C 36F. The ground was wet, snow was gone, and it was overcast.

It took me the whole 20 minute warm up to stop feeling sore and achey, but then I felt fine the rest of the run. When I was around the halfway turnaround point, I decided to run an extra 2 minutes and do a full mile before my walk break. It felt ok and I had no lasting effects afterwards so I think the 2 sets of 11 min were ok. I tried to keep at a 7 min/km (11 min mile) and that seemed about right. The walking breaks slowed me down overall of course, but that doesn't bother me for now.

According the the FIRST program, I'm in and around Week 8 of the 12 Week Novice 5K program. Maybe I'll try Week 9 next week. We'll see.

It's so nice to be on holiday. No work stress. No getting up early tomorrow. Yeah baby....

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Mike Russell said...

Way to get out and push yourself after the turn around. It is tough for me to really push hard on a run when going solo. Great work.