Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Phew, what a crazy week!

Today was the last day of school. Kids were excited, and there was lots to do to get cleaned up for the holidays. After work, Erik and I picked up wine and steak and headed home for a relaxing celebratory dinner. But first, I had to run. My legs were sore yesterday and I felt like I needed an extra rest day so I had no choice but to gear up and go for a run before I started kicking back for the evening. It was already dark so I ran laps around the neighbourhood and I felt pretty good! It was much warmer today, 5C (41F) and sprinkling rain. I did a bit longer warmup today - 5 minute walk then ran 3 min, walk 2 min. Then I started my run - 9 minutes today, with 1 min walk break. I did two sets of that and then did a walk/run cool down. Tried to keep it easy and not push too hard. I felt like I could have done another set but decided to save myself for Sunday's long run.

I got Run Less, Run Faster from the library yesterday, on the recommendation of Stuart from the Quadrathon Podcast. It outlines the FIRST program which involves running only 3 times a week and cross training twice a week. It certainly makes sense from a triathlon point of view. The runs are hard though - on tempo, one speed, and one long run at a faster tempo than some other plans. Given my propensity for injury, I might be better off waiting to do this when I've built up a stronger base. We'll see. For now, it's an interesting read.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

been reading your blog for a bit now, just never commented, seems like we're both in the same boat for injuries! I've moved to triathlon after continuously getting hurt with running only, so I'm thankful for tri's now. I was also told by my doc to run 3 days/week only... now currently only doing two with the training plan I'm following... but so far so good! Good luck in your training!

tarheeltri said...

I just finished Richmond Marathon a few weeks ago. I alternated 2 & 3 days per week running (3 being the week with a long run, the other weeks I went long on the bike). I took one day off per week. I was coming off a season of mostly training and only two sprint tri's. My long run was 19 miles.

I started out with a 9:00/mi pace, but soon found myself running 8:00 or better. I did all my long runs over 13 miles just under 8:00/mi.

I ran 8:00/miles at Richmond through 17, but cramped badly and had to run-walk the remainder and finished in 3:55 - my original goal, until I started running faster in training and upped that to 3:30.

I think the cramps were mostly due to hydration, but also in part to my propensity to swim as cross training (especially if I felt sore from running).

I'm going to take another stab at this training and limit myself to only 1 swim ever other week (the day after my long run) and have more specific training goals for the days I bike.

I've got another marathon scheduled for March 21 to see how it works! I should probably get this book!

tarheeltri said...

By the way, my 1:45 half marathon split, was a 21-minute PR over my only other stand-alone half marathon two years ago! So, I'm definitely a Run Less Run Faster fan even though I haven't read the book yet.

Stuart said...

Yes be careful about jumping in with the plan, the speedwork is hard and a base is needed but it's a fine line between developing the slow base and getting the quality of the speedwork at the same everything there's a balance to be found!

Kelownagurl said...

Hello friends,

Thanks for the comments. It's great to know people have had success with running less. I've never been able to run more than 3 days a week but hopefully, this coming summer, I'll be able to do some of the speed work and tempo runs they outline in the book. I'll definitely go easy though, Stuart!

Tarheeltri - amazing that you did so well with 2-3 runs per week. There is hope for me yet!