Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

Twas the night before the night before Christmas...

So much to do....

Today I cooked and shopped and cleaned.

And ran.

Yeah I ran.

I thought about putting it off because my stupid lower inner right shin bone hurts.

But I decided to suck it up and run anyway,

Did 5km in laps around the neighbourhood. 38:45. Mostly 5/1 only one set of 9/1. Longer warm up and 5 min walk cool down.

It was about -5C (23F) and I never did feel good. My legs felt heavy and achey and they didn't really want to be out there. But I ran. What the heck.

I had to wear my regular watch because my Garmin would not turn on. I'm not sure if the battery was dead or if it has finally given up the ghost so I plugged it in and went for a run on a route that I know.

The other day, my garmin had to be jump started and it lost all its data, including all the settings.

Just now, I tried to reboot it since it's been plugged in all afternoon but it appears dead.

Sigh. It's been through 3 seasons. I guess it's time. Crap.

I wonder how many hours I've put on that thing? How many bike miles? How many run miles? I'll figure that out tomorrow. Should be interesting.


galloping gilli said...

Rest in Peace Garmin...seriously having no garmin must be my worst nightmare...:-)) don`t let it spoil your Christmas..hehe
have a great Christmas Dave

Mike Russell said...

Sometimes they just quit. One of my Forerunners did the same thing so I just let it go.

skierz said...

Hi there! Hope the Christmas madness has been kind to you! how goes the ab 'challenge'? I have been good, even doing something Christmas day and Boxing day, it is crazy! Happy Holidays!