Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

"Today's gonna be a good day"

And it was!

Had a leisurely Sunday morning, did laundry and housework yadda yadda, then after lunch, I got bundled up and took Angel on a run on the Greenway along Mission Creek.

It was -2C (about 28F) and I really wanted to wear Erik's new Sugoi Mid Zero jersey but it was just too baggy to be warm enough so I wore my old MEC one. Over that I wore a windproof jacket, headband, gloves for first 2k, and tights. I felt warm enough even in the wind. (I think I heard windchill was about -9 C).

Anyhoo, I did 6 min warm up (2 min walk, 2 min run, 2 min walk)m then ran 4 min and walked 1 min until the halfway turn around point, then I ran 5 min and walked 1 min the rest of the way.

Overall I felt ok. My lower legs are a bit sore and achy when I run but it doesn't bother me after especially if I ice after.

I ran 6 km today instead of 5km so I can start having a 'long" run on Sundays from now on. I'll try to add 1km each weekend I guess, as long as I'm feeling ok.

So my BIG question is - and I haven't had an answer from anyone yet - what run/walk ratio can I do this week if I've been doing 4/1 comfortably for last 4 runs? Do I have to do one minute at a time each week? 5/1 this week, 6/1 next week etc? Or can I safely make some bigger jumps 6/1 this week, 8/1 next week etc? My goal is to get to 30 minutes without walking and although I'm anxious to get there, I DO NOT want to mess it up either.

Any opinions out there?

In other news.....

I went shopping at Sugoi's online store today. FINALLY decided what I wanted to buy after trying on a number of things at a local store to check for sizes. (And for anyone who thinks that's not fair, I did it while Erik was trying on AND BUYING some new tights.)

Eventually I bought two Mid-Zero jerseys of my own (they feel fabulous and so cozy warm). One in light blue and one in army green.

Abs Challenge Update

I did my abs workout this week on Dec. 2nd, 4th, and 6th this week. I've been careful not to overdo it so they don't hurt and cause me to miss a few days. For now, I've focussed on various types of crunches and some yoga/core work like the plank. Next week, I'll push it a little harder.

This week's Plan

Run on Tuesday and Thursday
. 4-5 km. 30-40 minutes. It'll be tough because the high on Tuesday is supposed to be -13C (9F). That's pretty close to my limit for running outside.

Abs on Mon/Wed/Sat

KG Out.

1 comment:

skierz said...

great that leg is getting better! if you increase your run at a comfortable walk/run there should be no issue. Don't jump to fast or it could hurt eg again! Week 1 down, awesome!
Here is week 2 for me:

7 days of run in a row. 4k today increasing 1k each day umtil Sunday(will get tough towards weekend as I am teaching a ski course all day)
Abs tonight, Wednesady and Saturday

Resistance training x2(when I can)
Cheers hope foor keeps getting better!~