Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009

Oops, missed a day. Yesterday was my son's birthday and we went out for dinner and came home for cake etc. Did not get time to do my abs work or blog. Such is life.

So first - My Sunday Long Run Report.

It was great! I ran alone on the greenway. Did a good 10 minutes warm up and then ran 8 minutes and walked 1 minute. I ended with a 6 minute walking cool down. The temperature was about -3C, 28F and there was 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. Very pretty!

Total 7.5 km in 56:38 including warm up and cool down.

Today's run report

Yesterday my lower legs were a bit achey and if I hadn't been so busy, I would have stretched. In hindsight, I DEFINITELY should have stretched. Today my shins were actually a bit sore and if I hadn't made plans to show 3 friends my lovely trail, I might have waiting until tomorrow to run. That being said, today's run was ok.

I took them to the trail had which is about 1km from the school. We parked and agreed to meet back at the car in 35 minutes. They took off on a run and I did my regular walk run warm up on my own. It was about -6C (20F) There was 4 inches of fresh powder and it was very pretty but I found it tough to run on the trail without being able to easily see the ground contours. I did a fair amount of slipping and sliding and came close to turning an ankle a few times but it was fun! My shoes are pathetic in the snow though. I know I really need to get some decent trail shoes and that was clearly evident today. I had snow going down my ankles and actually making their way under my feet because I could feel tiny snowballs under my toes until the heat from my feet melted them. My shins, achilles, and calves were all sore-ish while I was running but I still managed to do 8/1 again. We could only run for 35 minutes so I didn't cover a lot of ground (4km) but it was a good workout.

After the run, we drove back to the school, I got my stuff, drove down to pick up Erik and then we had to go run a few errands while I was still in my running gear, including soaking wet, cold feet. We left the store about an hour after my run finished and I noticed that the middle and ring finger of my right hand were tingling and feeling numb. I took a closer look and realized that they were completely white, as if they had no circulation. My fingers looked dead about 3/4 of the way down. They weren't that cold, just tingling and achey and it definitely wasn't frost-bite. The dead look kind of freaked me out a bit so I set to work trying to warm them up and get some blood into them. It took about 15 minutes but gradually the colour began to return. I jumped into the shower as soon as I got home and the bottoms of my feet and toes were white as well so I stayed under the hot water under they looked normal again too.

Later, I googled "white tingling fingers" and read about Raynaud's syndrome. It sounds an awful lot like what I had and I'll admit I have noticed my fingers tingling when they're cold lately. I'll have to pay closer attention. I guess I'll try to keep my hands warm and get it checked out next time I'm at the doctor. I have to get my allergy shot at the end of the month so it can wait until then unless it gets suddenly worse.

Abs Work

Because of my overworked abs this week, I only got in two workouts. I should be able to do better now since there are only 3 more days of school left. I have one more really stressful day (tomorrow - 2 concerts for parents) and one semi-stressful day (Thursday - afternoon craft day). Then Friday is easy and we're done!

It snowed 4" last night and another 4" tonight. Lovely and fluffy white stuff out there. Let's see if I can snag some pics off my camera phone.


skierz said...

if you get tired of your snow, feel free to send it my way(I want to go ski). Good to hear the legs are feeling a little better on your runs! I am now doing a little bit of abs each day(10'ish minutes) and have to sday the challenge is what is pushing me(still hate doing abs) PS dont freeze!

Sarah said...

We got dumped on too, my toes were frozen walking home from school! (I was in sneakers - real bright on my part)
Have you heard of YakTrax? I myself have not tried them, but a guy I run with uses them and says they are great for slushy/icy conditions.

Mike Russell said...

Do you use something for additional traction for your runs in the snow? I need some suggestions and obviously living in BC you have plenty of experience running in the snow...