Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010

Noticed last night that the date on my last 3 posts was a day ahead. LOL...

Did my Pushups, Squats, Crunches test for Quadrathon's Trifecta Challenge.

My Base is:

10 pushups (yikes)
90 crunches
60 squats (Didn't want to push the squats b/c I'm running today.)

Here's a link to the Challenge on googlegroups.

Planning to Race

I like Joe Friel's book The Triathlete's Training Bible. It's complex and probably too much for most beginners but it's an interesting read and there is lots of info in there. If you have done a few triathlons and are looking to get more organized in your training, you might find it a good book to use.

Here's a rough schedule for periodization of my training with the assumption that I will work towards the Oliver Half Iron taking place on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

Prep ( Endurance, Speed Skills)
Jan 4-10
Jan 11-17

Base 1 (Longer Endurance, more Speed Skills)
Jan 18-24
Jan 25-31
Feb 1-7 (R&R)

Base 2 (Endurance, Force, Speed, Muscular Endurance)
Feb 8-14
Feb 15-21
Feb 22-28 (R&R)

Base 3 (Endurance, Force, Speed, Muscular Endurance)
Mar 1-7
Mar 8-14
Mar 15-21
Mar 22-28 (R&R)

Build 1 (Endurance, Muscular Endurance. Force for Run/Bike, Anaerobic Endurance for Swim)

Mar 29-4
Apr 5-11
Apr 12-18
Apr 19-25 (R&R)

Build 2 (Endurance, Muscular Endurance. Force for Run/Bike, Anaerobic Endurance for Swim)
Apr 26-2
May 3-9
May 10-16
May 17-22 (R&R)

May 23-30
May 31-5

June 6

And here are my planned bike training workouts for the Prep and Base Periods
(Taken from Triathlete's Training Bible by Joe Friel)

E2 - Intensive Endurance
- Heart Rate in Zone 1 and Zone 2 (My Z1 = 112-138, Z2 =139-151)
- Shift to simulate rolling hills up t 4% grade
- During base period, do 20-90 min in Zone 2

E3 - Extensive Endurance
- Heart Rate Zone 1 and 2, sometimes 3 (My zone 3 = 152-158)
- Shift gears to simulate hilly ride, going into Zone 3 for a few minutes at a time
- Build towards accumulating 20-90 minutes in Zone 3
-Can also do 15-20 min run after instead of Zone 3

S1 Spinups
-One minute at light resistance, slowly increasing cadence to as fast as I can comfortably spin without bouncing and then hold it as long as I can. Keep lower legs, feet relaxed. Repeat several times.

S2 Isolated Leg Drills
- Light resistance
- Relax one leg and let it go along for the ride while doing all the work with the other leg. (Some people unclip and rest leg on a chair, but I have too much trouble doing that).
- Focus on pedaling "round" and smooth, equal pressure all the way around the stroke
- Do one leg, then the other and switch back and forth. Increase length of time I do one leg.

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Matt said...

looks like a fun and challenging schedule Barb, enjoy it!