Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010

Day Four in the bag, almost.

Continue to manage the diet. Eating way more fruit than vegetables but they're softer and easier with my braces. Staying within my goal ranges really well.

Calories: 1,599 (1600-1700)
Carbs: 236 (220-230)
Fat: 47 (44-46)
Protein: 80 (80-84)

(I log my info on Here's my food log page if you are interested. I don't always log , but it does help when I'm getting started again. I recommend the site.)

After work, I went to the gym and did 32 min on the elliptical. Today I worked harder than Tuesday and did 5.6k instead of 5km. (I went with everyone's suggestion and didn't run. Probably the best thing for now. I REALLY hope I can run on the weekend though.)

I went steady, medium effort, for about 10 min then did 1 min really hard intervals that ramped my HR up to 160-170 bpm. Then I'd do 2 min a bit easier, HR about 150 bpm.

I am not sure what to set the resistance at, nor what to aim for in strides.

I run 170-180 cadence but that feels a bit too fast to maintain on the elliptical all the time. Not sure tho.

So anyway, today I set the resistance at 5 and did 150-160 cadence (stride) for the regular interval, and the ramped it up to resistance of 7 and strides of 200-210 for one minute. It was hard and I was sweating like crazy. Great workout!

Tomorrow is Friday and a rest day. I might eat a few extra calories if we have a nice dinner, and I will drink a couple of glasses of wine. I've been good all week - I deserve it. :)


Mike Russell said...

Way to maintain your discipline and not run. Hopefully they hold up once you are able to start running again...

skierz said...

Friday is wine day! I agree! While I still can, my deal with myself once I start my 'official' program is less than 3 drinks per week til A race day! Ahhhh! Cheers!