Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

Playing catch-up again.

Did my run on Tuesday. Shins had been sore-ish all day but I ran anyway, ready to bail early if necessary. As usual, did my warm up for 10 min and of course legs felt bad for first 10-15 minutes. Once I settled into my 9 min run 1 min walk, I started to feel good. The ache went away (more or less) and my middle mile was run in 9:36. I didn't have my HRM on but I think my HR was up around 155-160 bpm. I ran laps around the block where it is flat. Did a total of 5.8 km in 41 minutes.

Wore my KT Tape on my right shin for the first time. Don't know if it worked or not. Might not have been the best test because my shins were already sore. When I got home, my shins were pretty sore so I iced them well and then felt better.

Today, they hurt if I press on them but not when I walk or climb stairs. I'm kind of surprised actually.

Today, and Monday, were both difficult days. I didn't ride on Monday, nor did I swim today. No particular reason other than I was busy at work and it meant a struggle to get there. My motivation is still a little lacking on school days I guess.

So anyway, last night I was fed up with my shins and I tweeted that I was fed up and I planned to go hard core and just run through it this time since it's the only thing I haven't tried yet. Two friends who are both coaches attempted to dissuade me from that decision and I suspect they are right but it galls me to take a break from running and get over these god damn shin splints for - what? the 6th time? 7th time? I don't know, I've lost count.

I appreciate all the advice people have sent me but honestly, I just get more confused with all the conflicting ideas. Wear your orthotics, don't wear them. Stretch, don't stretch. Massage, don't massage. Rest, run through it. Try this exercise, that exercise, this treatment, that tape, this compression. My Aunt did this, my Uncle did that. Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

All of them are good ideas be to be honest, I've tried them all, I really have.

So as a serious self-assessment:

I was ok all fall as I slowwwwwwwwwly transitioned to forefoot running. The pain didn't start to return until New Year's Eve when I ran 9km to reach my goal distance for 2009.

And looking back, although I was cautious, I may still have built up my mileage too quickly in December. I was feeling great and felt it was safe to keep on building.

There were 5 weeks of running in December. Here's what I did. What do you think? Was it reasonable?

(Week # - km each run, total, run/walk min)

Week 1 - 5, 5, 4 = 14 km total, 4/1
Week 2 - 6, 4.5, 5 = 15.5 km total, 5/1 then 6/1
Week 3 - 7.5, 4, 4.5 = 16 km total, 7-8/1
Week 4 - 9, 5, 5 = 19 km total, 9/1
Week 5 - 5.2, 8.8 = 14 km total, 9/1

January (shin pain started up again)

Week 1 - ellip 2 days, then ran 7.6 km with ITB pain, shins ok
Week 2 - 5km run, 9/1 easy, then Sun of next week 10km 9/1 felt good.
Week 3 - 4km, 6km, 5/1 and 9/1. Shins sore-ish
Week 4 - 5.8 km, 9/1 shins sore-ish (that's this week)

I plan to have hubby video tape me running and get my friend-run-coach to take a look and offer advice if my form is bad.

More tomorrow.... Got to go to bed now...


Jasminn said...

Hey Barb,
I don't have any advice, other than I understand the frustration, I really do!!! So stick with it, you will persevere! It's why we do this sport :)

It's cheesy, but when I'm sucking in the pool (which is EVERY time) I remind myself that I'm so lucky to be able to do it at all.

Mike Russell said...

I agree -- too much advice from too many people who have not examined your shins. You should stick with your PT and follow their recommendations. Your frustration does surface in your tweets by the way... :)

The Jackal said...

Hi Barb, I'm enjoying reading again...
I like the way that you keep your blog current.
Us non-TV types have way more time to practicing our writing and communicating skills.
My blog tends to fill up with movies and pictures.
I guess I must be more of a visually and aurally based humanoid!
I'm looking for more followers on my blog, like you, I need feedback!
ps, do you have a link on your blog to mine?