Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

It took until Sunday before I felt up to running and I was chomping at the bit to get out there. Went down to the Greenway and did a 10 min warmup then ran 9/1 the whole time. Did about 8km and felt ok to push for another 2km. Did 10.15 in total, in about 1:14:00. I wore my ITB strap and my right knee felt fine, left knee was sore but not at ITB, and achilles felt a bit tender but nothing hurt so much that I limped or had to walk more.

When I got back to the car, I felt dizzy and wheezy. Didn't have my puffer with me so I left quickly and went to pick up Erik who was 2km away at school. Still wheezy and had trouble getting a full breath so use my puffer when I got home. Hacked a lot for about an hour after then was fine.

My legs felt pretty trashed that night and the next day but they're ok today I think, just tired now.

As for my cold, I was feeling a lot better by Monday morning but in the afternoon I got worse again and went into the doctor after school today to get checked. Avoided the antibiotics and got a prescription for Nasonex. He also encouraged me to continue the Neti Pot.

Forgot to mention I did the trainer last night but didn't do anything today p sinus headache was too oppressive.

Trainer - 22.6 km in 50 minutes.

20 min at Zone 2, 90 rpm
10 min spinups 80-105 rpm
10 min single leg drills (sucked)
10 min cool down (85 rpm)


Mike Russell said...

What solution do you use for the Neti pot?

Kelownagurl said...

I bought one that came with 50 packets. Neilmed is the brand I think. I also read to use non-iodized salt if you make your own. Can't remember the ratio.