Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Still feeling fairly crappy. Had an awful sleep. However, I felt ok at work though - just tired throughout the day. Forced myself out the door after work and went for a short run. 30 minutes around the neighbourhood. I wasn't in pain today, just had heavy tired legs. It felt like I had just run the first brick of the season (and it was only an easy run).

Will it ever feel like I'm not just plodding and trudging along? Will there ever be a day when my legs don't hurt when I run?

Yeah yeah I know, it's just because I'm tired and have a sinus infection and it was after a long day at work. This too shall pass.

Will try for another short run on Friday and then I'll do the same 10k on Sunday and hopefully feel better after than I did last weekend.

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Mike Russell said...

Mine only feel better after a good solid taper... :)