Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010 - Day Three

So far, so good.

Kept within my diet guidelines.

Did my workout before dinner.

45 minutes on the trainer. 20.5 km. Felt good.


Hoping to get to bed before 10.

Contemplating whether I should run or not tomorrow. Shins feel almost better. Sore if I push on them though. One more day on the elliptical or easy 5/1 run? (I want to run)


skierz said...

if they are almost better, give it one more day on elliptical. lte them get 100%, I am sure it will do you better in the long run. Congrats on your progress and training!

Mike Russell said...

Elliptical woman! Give those shins some time to heal. It makes little difference in the grand scheme of things if you start running this week or next...

Sarah said...

I agree with the above, the last thing you want is worse shins!
Good job on sticking to your diet, sounds like it is going well :)

Kelownagurl said...

Thanks you guys, I followed your advice and did the elliptical. Boo, but you;re right. :)

PS Skierz and Sarah, I have tried leaving comments on your blogs but they won't save. I can't leave them when the format is that kind of comment box... I have no clue why not...