Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve 2007

Wow, what a year!

I cannot believe how my thinking has changed in the past year. In 2006, I began to change my fitness level and I became a cyclist. In 2007, I worked harder at riding and improved to the point that I can now consider racing. Who knew I had it in me?! Then this time last year, I began to wonder - if I can ride this well, I wonder if I can run? So I went out and tried it, little by little. I started with walking and throwing in a few running spurts, then I tried running a full km. I could do it! Of course, everything hurt again - I was using new muscles - but that wore off and I once I was up toe 5km, I decided to do the Women's 5km race for fun. I guess I do have a competitive side because I ended up pushing really hard and knocked 4-5 minutes off my regular 5km time, coming in 5th in my age group, against women who race on a regular basis. I amazed myself!

2007 was a learning year for me too. I learned a lot about what my body can take and what it can't. I learned to listen to it, and to stretch more, and I learned the names of more muscles that ever knew I had! IT band, piriformis, gluteus medius, SI joint, shin splints... I was forced to take time off from running and to severely cut back on my riding in order to heal. PT and MT appts and lots of stretching helped get rid of the pain, a gait analysis and a script for orthotics will hopefully allow me to run again in January.

I guess the most interesting things I learned over that injury time was the terrible impatience I have to get back running. That made me feel great in a weird way because I know it's all doable again once I've got it figured out. And I WILL go slow this time. It's not worth the pain in rushing my body.

I had many personal bests in 2007.

• I lost 8 more lbs and became more lean and fit.
* I bought size 4 clothes again!!
• I got my picture and climbing goals in Bicycling Magazine in July!
• I finally mastered Knox Mountain by climbing all the way without stopping.
• I rode my first organized ride - the Shuswap Century Ride in 3:47.
• I ran the Women's 5k in June. 26:17. 5th in age group, 23rd overall.
• Increased my average speed on flat or mild hills to 29.6 kmh.
• I rode 250km in France on my honeymoon!
• I rode my first century around the lake - 162 km, 5700 ' climbing, inlcuding 10+ hills over 10%!!

So what's next? Well I decided if I can ride and run, then I really need to try swimming. I think this will be my biggest hurdle but I've been thinking about it all year and I now believe I have to try. I bought a new swim suit, prescription goggles, a swim cap and I registered for a private swim coach in January. I've love to be able to do the Apple Triathlon in August. Wish me luck!!

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