Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Running Girl

I did walk/run #5 today and I felt great! I bumped it up a notch from last week ~ only did a 5 minute, 1/2 km warm up, then I ran 1 minute and walked 1 minute for the next 2 km. Finally, did a 5 minutes cool down walk at the end. I really felt like I could have run more but I think I can contain myself for 2 more runs. I'm not sure what to do next week - maybe a 2min run and a 1 min walk?

My eating has sucked the last few days. Cookies are around now and last night we had an appie supper while we put up the tree. I had all of my favourites plus shortbread cookies. But my tummy isn't used to all that fat and I felt pretty gross for the rest of the evening. It's actually good because it will discourage me from eating too much junk next time.

Anyway - off to force myself to do at least 2 sets of upper body strength exercises.

It's December 5th today. 32 years since Dad was killed. :(

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