Sunday, December 2, 2007

First week of "training"

I'm doin' good so far! :)

This week, I went for a walk/run FOUR times and forced myself to doing way more walking than running. I walked about 1 km, then did 1 km of 30 second spurts of gentle running with 30-60 second bits of walking in between. Finally walked the last km home. Oh, I wanted to run the whole way so bad. But I don't want to hurt again so I didn't. Next week, I will extend the running to 1 min with 1 min walk in between.

I also did my stretching most days and managed to do my abs/upper body workouts a couple times.

Here's my plan for this coming week:

Mon - 3 km walk/run (1 min of each) (+ MT appt)
- 100 crunches, plank 2X30

Tue - upper body workout plus 30 pushups

Wed - 3 km walk/run (1 min of each)
- 100 crunches, plank 2X30

Thur - upper body workout plus 30 pushups

Fri - 3 km walk/run (1 min of each)
- 100 crunches, plank 2X30

Sat - 3 km walk/run (1 min of each),
- recovery ride on trainer - zone 1, 30-60 minutes.
- upper body workout plus 30 pushups

Sun - TT DVD or recovery ride on trainer, depending on how I feel.
- 100 crunches, plank 2X30

I have found that one big stumbling block to working out during the week is fatigue. I am sometimes SO tired when I get home that I can't even consider working out. I found that when I made myself go for a walk/run twice during the week and I actually felt great afterwards. I MUST remember that, even if I don't feel like it, getting some fresh air will make me feel better. I don't find I get that feeling with riding the trainer or doing weights though so it's even harder to get motivated. There is something I can do about this though. Go to bed earlier. I'm just lazy, that's all. Plus DH doesn't go to bed early. But I can make changes if I choose to.

Other goals I have this week?

• Take Omega 3 and glucosamine, 3X a day
• Take Vitamin E in the morning.
• Take Calcium at bedtime.
• Do stretching routine 1-2X a day, EVERY day.

Wow, I'm tired just thinking all of this. And in a perfect world, all of this will happen. BUT it's not a perfect world and I have a Christmas concert to put on this week so I can only promise to do my best. :)

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