Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

Not a bad day overall. Way too busy at work and I left my desk and room in a mess when I had to go at 4:30. But it was dark out and threatening rain and I still had to pick up hubby and run errands before I could get home and even THINK about going for a run. I was starving by the time I got home at 5:45 so I had a banana before I geared up for my run. The rain held off and it was only a bit windy so I was lucky, but since it was dark, I had to run around the block 5 times instead of doing a trail run. I stretched my calves for about 5 minutes before I left and I found the left one was still a bit tender and tight but it felt ok to run.

I did a walk/run warm up for 10 mins (more walk than run), and then did the rest mostly in 3 min intervals - 3 min forefoot and 3 min walking. I continued to opt for no more heel strike and did not put my orthotics back in. I tried to stay loose and to go easy but again, right at the 2.3 km mark (same as Tuesday), I got the twinge in my left calf. I stopped and walked right away before it could knot up too much to run. After 3 min, I tried running again and then continued with the walk/run somewhat cautiously for the rest of the time. A few times, it tightened so I just switched and I managed to do the entire 5 km this time. A little over 45 minutes in total I think. Probably about 20 minutes was forefoot running.

I stretched and iced my left calf when I got home. Interestingly enough, it was hurting closer to the top of the calf this time, almost under the knee. I'll still not sure if I should continue without the orthotics or put them back in....

In other news....

I made a pact with Sandy not to eat any crap today. Managed to hold off until now but I'm really craving candy. Going to have some cheese and crackers instead tho - good me.

Also made an agreement with Anotorias so do some abs work tonight. I remember distinctly the last time I did crunches, I overdid it by doing my usual routine, so tonight, I will only do 2 sets of 20 to get the ball rolling. I know it all comes back pretty quickly and I'm sure I'll be able to do 5 X 20 in a week or so.

OK, over and out.


Solitaire said...

did you stay off the candy? I had a couple of pieces of "white bread" at a board meeting that I should not have had (e.g., not-so-good "french" bread from a bread basket), but did NOT eat anything approaching potato chips or candy. My lord, Halloween was super super bad. I forgot the day that I ended eating 1/2 a gigantor bag of chips (the day we made the pact) I ALSO wound up at a client's office early and ate FOUR KitKat bars. OK they were "Halloween size" but - FOUR? I feel much better today. Thx for the pact. Ironman kickoff tmrw. Did not get to the gym yday, b/c writing my "please support me $" postcards that the Leukemia Society will mail for me tmrw at Kickoff. Pleading like a little grrl. (laugh!) Have a good one!

Kelownagurl said...

Yes! I done good but it was hard. Felt better too. Today I will allow myself one mini bar after dinner but no more. Portion control. No other garbage-y food either. I can do that no prob.