Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009

Another day, another dollar....

Stretched in the morning, stretched at night.

Stretched a couple times during the day.

Calf has the ~~slightest~~ tenderness/tightness that I am sure will be gone by tomorrow.

And so I will live to run again.

Buh bye....

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Solitaire said...

btw, have you read Stu Mittleman's book? I think his website is - I met him at a Tony Robbins thing and he is actually my "running coach" - meaning, I can call into a coaching session 3 times a week and get his advice. Everyone else are HUGE marathoners, ultra runners, and the like - and me. I call in maybe once a week. But once I get going I plan to call in more. He's an amazing guy, for sure. You might want to read his book - it's very VERY interesting with respect to training and his ideas too (on his blog) about alkalinity and the like.