Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

I actually forgot to write a blog post for the last couple of days. Not that I have anything interesting to say.

Sunday, I went for my trail run. It was so-so. Not bad, not great. I took the dog with me because I had to run alone (Erik was still sick). Angel runs really well, stays right by my side and I just clip the leash around my waist and go. Unfortunately, she can't handle running in the heat so I haven't taken her for a long time and she got out of shape. I'd run for 1 km and she stop and sit. So I stopped taking her altogether.

Anyway, since I was still doing a walk-run, I decided to give her a try and she did really well. Now that the weather's cooler, I think I'll take her along. That way she can build up her endurance as well.

So - Sunday - ran 3 min, walked 1 min for half the run, and did 4 min run and 2 min walk the second half. My lower legs still ache - hard to explain where exactly. Lower inside shin, right above the ankle, more the bone than the muscle. It isn't bad and it doesn't last beyond the first half of the run. I'll just be glad when it's gone altogether.

Monday, I started to come down with whatever virus Erik has. I am achey, tired, have a sore throat, and a cough. I seem to feel ok as long as I take ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. Still going to work because I have a lot of stuff to get organized for report cards. I'm part way through writing them. Hope to get them done over the weekend.

OK, that's it. TTYL.


skierz said...

hope you get better, with whatever you are getting from Erik and your foot! Cheers

Kelownagurl said...

Hey thanks! I think it's just a stoopid cold so I should feel better in a week. :)