Thursday, January 12, 2012

Struggling Along

When the going gets tough, the tough eat old candy canes.

Yeah, so I had a small lapse, but over all it's been a good week. On Sunday, I planned meals for the week - stuff the boys would like to eat but I could still adapt to my 'diet'.  I've been trying not to go too extreme since I am hoping to workout 6 days a week.

To lose 1 lb a week, I need to eat about 1300 calories a day. Instead, I'm trying to stick to about 1600 a day to compensate for the calories I burn through exercise. It worked the first week - we'll see if I can lose another pound this week.  I'm half way through the week already and the scale hasn't budged yet.  We'll see.

Monday was a bad day at work and I came home and had a G&T (with diet tonic - only 73 cals in total ;). However, I ate well and stayed within my limits.  I was too bagged to do my trainer ride so Monday's workout was a wash.

Tuesday, I ate well all day and did a 45 minute hill run with friends after school.

Wednesday - I did pretty well with the diet all day, I went to the gym after school and did an adapted strength workout, then came straight home and rode the trainer for an hour. We had tacos for dinner but I was SO hungry, I had to eat two. Plus I got cranky when I had to clean up last night's dishes and take out the garbage before I could cook dinner (while still in my workout clothes), so when I craved sugar after dinner, I caved in and ate 2 stupid candy canes.  It's really amazing how much I wanted those damn candy canes.  The stupid plastic wrapper sticks so tightly that it's nearly impossible to get it off to eat the candy. But I persevered.  I'm tough like that. ;)  That meant my calorie count was up over 2000 for the day. Thank God, I worked out for an hour and 45 minutes. :)

Today, I ate well all day and managed to keep from eating the cheezies and cinnamon buns at work today. I didn't even sneak a teeny piece. Then after work, I squeezed in a 30 minute run while my son was getting his hair cut. I'm glad I kept it short and slow because my legs are tired and sore from Tuesday's run.  I'm icing my shin now in fact.  When I got home, it was cold (it's -3C today) so I climbed into a hot bath and almost dropped my book in the tub when I started falling asleep.  I need a good night's sleep tonight I think.

So I'm trying hard to eat more protein, good fats, only low glycemic carbs (veg and fruit), and very little, if any, potatoes/rice/bread/sugar.  I still take cream and sugar or honey in my coffee but that's about it for sugar.

So that's it for now.  Oh, and I think I've come up with a new motivational quote,

When you crave, don't cave.



Anonymous said...

Dear KG,
I'm extremely concerned with your obsession with weight and calories. You should really consider seeing a nutritionist and psychologist about your issues. Although you blog like you're an elite triathlete, you are not--your life is so much more!

Kelownagurl said...

Really? I can appreciate your concern but my weight-loss goals have very little to do with triathlon (except fitting into my tri clothes) and have much more to do with the weight I gain as I am aging.

If I don't watch what I eat, I gain about one pound per month. That's 12 pounds a year. I used to weigh about 143 lbs, a lot for my small frame. I worked hard to lose it and for the past 3-4 years, I've mostly kept it off.

This past year, did exactly what you mentioned - I didn't count calories, I just tried to make healthy choices, and gained 7 lbs between May-December. If I hadn't been sick in December, it would have been closer to 9 lbs.

For many, if not most middle-aged women, this is life, and many of us don't deal with it and just slowly gain weight as we age. Perhaps if more people made it a bit of an 'obsession', we wouldn't be a nation of obesity. (Just kidding tho - I agree we shouldn't 'obsess' about it.)

I suppose from a blog reader's stand point, it may look like an obsession, since you don't really see "all" of me. There are many many aspect of my life that I don't talk about on my blog so this gives a bit of a one-sided view.

At any rate, I find it very helpful and motivational to track my progress when I'm trying to knock off a few pounds and that's what I use my blog for.

I appreciate your concern though. Thank you for caring enough to comment. :)

I smile a little at the 'elite' reference - omg, I am SO not even close to elite and I certainly know it. I sure hope I don't come across as a know-it-all. ;)

Nazzer said...


I absolutely loved your response to a somewhat strange reader comment. I think it's great that you've learned from experience what works for you and are doing it!

And speaking of cravings.... for the last week I had been craving chocolate. I caved after a few days and bough a cake from the superstore, and made some chocolate whip cream (whip cream with cocoa and peanut butter added to it) and ate the whole cake to myself in two days. So your candy cane craving sugar craving is a pretty good craving to have!

And speaking of food, I just noticed your food blog for the first time. Love it! So many soup ideas!

Frenchie said...

I don't see anything obsessive about your calorie monitoring. I am the same way as you - if I don't keep close tabs on it, it doesn't work. I have to closely monitor what I take in and what I spend. As long as you (people in general) aren't binging and purging or severely undernourished, I see nothing wrong with keeping close tabs. I love food way too much to ever give it up, which is why I have to pay such close attention. Now, if only I could put that into practice again! :-)

Pamela Hutchins said...

You handled that first comment beautifully. I am nearly 45, and I am a really crappy triathlete, but I also find that as each year passes, I have to think more and more about what I put in to my body, or accept getting to be less healthy and less able. I want to live a long life and stay active and strong for as much of it as I can, so, while I don't blog about it like you do, I think about it and keep tabs on it (most of the time in written form) too. You are beautiful, you are strong, and just be careful and stay well-nourished so that you can remain that way. :) IMHO