Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not a bad day

I ate pretty well today, struggled through the evening cravings by eating half a bag of low fat popcorn and one piece of dark chocolate.

Throughout the day, I ate lots of fruit and veggies, kept my protein and good fat up (no bad fats at all), my carbs were bit high but it was all fruit and veggies, no bread or starch, and only a little white sugar in my coffee this morning. I'll try honey tomorrow.

Calories:  1850  (a bit high but I did run today so it's all good.)

Fat:        42 g  (19%, too low)
Carbs:  281 g (58%, higher than planned)
Protein: 106 g (22%, OK but a bit lower than I'd like right now )

I went for a hilly run after work and felt pretty darn good. First decent after-school run in a long time.  I was surprised my pace was as good as it was, it didn't feel like I was running very fast especially with all the hills.  (250+ feet of gain over abt 5 miles)

I ran 7 km in 45 minutes and then walked the last 1/4 km home.  Most km's were in the 6:15-6:45/ km pace despite the hills. Yay me.

Good times!

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Monica D Franks said...

Great job on the run, and nice job with the calorie counting. You are doing awesome, I am glad to be follwoing you on DailyMile and hearing of all your activities it keeps me motivated.