Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18th

Well I had a so-so week. My eating habits were up and down and I regained the one pound I *may* have lost the week before.

I missed my trainer ride Monday, I ran too hard on Tuesday, I swam Wednesday, and I did a short run on Thursday. Friday was my day off and I had a lovely dinner with my honey - garlic prawns, bruschetta, a baguette (oh, La Boulangerie, where have you gone?!!), and a wonderful bottle of Township 7 2006 Chardonnay. I'm normally not a big white wine fan but this was delish! Check them out - great local wines!

Saturday I did a one hour trainer ride and some upper body work, Sunday I ran 4km with Erik. My shins were killing me most of the time and I walked quite a bit (partly because it was Erik's first run). We recorded some audio for my next week's podcast. I hope it turns out.

I did not swim this weekend because there was a swim meet at the Y.

Plans for the upcoming week

M - trainer 30-60 min
T - run 3-5 k
W - swim 1400-1600 m
T - run 3-5 k
F - rest
S/S - trainer, run, swim

Somehow I have to fit in my core and upper body workouts. I have not been consistent in doing them. I'll work on that.

Secondary goal:

Get more sleep.
Drink more water.
Eat properly, more often,a nd lose at least 1/2 lb.

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