Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14th

OK, that last post was in jest but I'm really still curious about Chris's middle names. :)

My training has been going well so far. I'm tired from work but I'm making myself get out there and do something everyday if I can. The only day I bailed was Monday - I was just so tired by the time I got home, I didn't get on the trainer as I had planned. I fell asleep instead. In the middle of playing a game of Yahtzee with my son. He had to wake me up to take my turn and it was at that moment that I knew my body was telling me something.

My current plan for now is:

M - Bike (45 min)
T - Run 30-40 min, upper body strength, pushups/situps
W - Swim, lower body strength (legs, squats, core)
T - Run 30-40 min, upper body strength, pushups/situps
F - rest
S - Run 45 min, bike (60-90 min), pushups/situps
S - Swim, lower body strength (legs, squats, core)

The strength stuff gets a moved around a bit and in theory, I'd like to get on the trainer more but it's hard to fit it all in.

I went for my run on Tuesday, after school with some friends. Running with other people forced me to speed up, a lot. We did 5k in 32:20. not fast overall but oh so much faster than I've been running of late. My shins are a tad sore today but not too bad. I hope they'll feel ok tomorrow so I can run again.

I am trying to record a podcast episode on the way to and from swimming, and on the trainer. That seems to work much better than running, as least for now.

My student teacher started teaching 30% this week and he's doing well. He'll be teaching 50% next week and I'll start to have some time on my hands. It'll be ncie to get my room cleaned up and reoranized while he's here.

Well that's all for now folks!

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