Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014

First frost this morning.  Unbelievable that we didn't have any frost in September or October.  Equally amazing that I picked the last of the ripe tomatoes yesterday.  And it's November, did I mention that?

Last week I set up the cold frame in my garden to protect the lettuce I planted in late summer. I also have carrots and new green onions coming along, plus I planted some more greens so I guess we shall see if they will grow before Christmas.  I have a single light bulb hung in the cold frame for additional warmth although we didn't need it today. The air temp was about 11C, but inside the frame, it was about 18C with the lovely fall sun beaming down.  I'm pretty sure I'll be picking fresh greens for salad for at least another month.

This morning, Erik and I went to a walk along Mission Creek.  For the past month, we've gone for a longish hike up in the Crawford trails every weekend because I love to walk among the pine trees. I think it resets my restless brain.  I find I really need to be  the outdoors at least once a day to keep sane. I was reading a blog post about the impact of exercise on your brain and thought this graphic was interesting.  The author stated that:
A study on the correlation between brain activity and exercise resulted in not only confirming what most people assumed about physical activity, but also proved that those who work out on a regular basis are both physically and mentally strong. Researchers conducted 19 studies involving 586 individuals and discovered that just 10 to 40 minutes of physical activity helps with numerous brain functions. From helping retain your memory to increasing mental focus and helping concentration, exercising daily can do wondrous things to your brain and body.
Every weekend, for the past 5-6 weeks, we've been lucky to have good weather on the weekend. During the week it's been cloudy and showery but for some amazing reason, it's been lovely and sunny almost every weekend and we've tried to take advantage of that and hike up in the hills. 

Today I wanted to walk the greenway because there are only a few days of autumn colour left and it's so beautiful along Mission Creek with all of the Poplar and Maple trees such a brilliant yellow.

It's funny - Erik is so excited to be heading off to Costa Rica next week and yet, I'm just so happy to stay here and enjoy the seasonal changes. I'm even looking forward to the first snowflakes that will likely fall before the month is gone.  Perhaps by the end of January, I might like to go someplace warm and sunny, but right now, I'm more than content to watch the leaves fall and feel the chill in the air.  It's gives me an excuse to make a big pot of soup and curl up on the couch with a good book. In fact, I think I'll go do that right now....  :)

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