Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting Closer

Wow, only a few days left. I'm mostly trying not to think about it too much.

I swam easy on Monday. Rode the trainer easy tonight. Tomorrow is an easy 30 minute run. Thursday I am supposed to swim again but I might have trouble getting there because the boy has guitar lessons after school. We'll see. Friday is biking again I think. Saturday is supposed to be T1 and T2 practice but I'm gonna swim in the lake instead.

My Sunday run went well despite a sore foot all day Saturday (ball of my right foot). It was a bit achey again on Monday and so-so today. If it hurts at all tomorrow, I won't run. I feel like I'm on the verge of injury so just don't want to push it.

I need to start getting my gear together so I'm not up too late on Friday night, like I was for my last race. I don't like feeling rushed or pressured.

My gear list is here.

Changes/additions are:

* Using aerobottle and one full bottle on the bike.

* Carrying a bag of carbo pro and nuun to add to water I get at an aid station IF I need more.

* Wearing my hydration pack for the run.

* Wearing my shin sleeves only on the run. Will put them on in T2.

* Taking large ziplock bags for my running shoes etc to keep them dry in transition.

* Bringing extra jersey and jacket in case of poor weather or rain.

* Bringing dinner, snack, and breakfast food with us. Friday night, I'm going to cook up a batch of chicken souvlaki and rice to reheat at the suite on Sat night. I'll also take pita and tzatziki.

* Take single hole punch for my race number and duct tape to hold my bike number in place so it doesn't flap against my legs. I forgot on the sprint and was glad the bike was short so it didn't drive me too crazy.

I'm having problems with my goggles so I may pick up another pair this week and try them out once in the pool and once in the lake.

Other than that, I guess I'm ready. I may post again later this week. For now, I'm tired.

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Lois Lane 33 said...

Best of luck to you this weekend. I have my first half at the end of August...I will be anxious to read your reflections on the experience.