Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taper Week

Well I'm one week out of my first triathlon of the season and I thought I'd better make sure I'm organized and ready to race next Sunday. I went back into the archives to cut and paste the following plan, and with a little tweaking, it's ready to go. I noticed that a week before the race, the lake was only 16-17C and this year it is 15C. The forecast this week is for temps 20-24C (low 70's) so hopefully the lake will once again warm up to 19C or so.

So here's the plan.

Bike Shoes (worn barefoot)
Running Shoes with
Socks rolled half way down, tucked into each running shoe
Race belt with number
Full water bottle - to wash feet if needed
Hand held bottle of Nuun/Carbo Pro - quick sip or maybe on run if I'm super thirsty.
Small hand towel
Puffer - 2 puffs right before swim and then put in bento box
Hammer gel in gel flask
Jersey? (jacket or vest or knee warmers ??)

It'll look more or less like this pic (from 2 years ago) although I'll be wearing my Newtons, and I'll take two bottles I think. I won't have the epipen either.

On Bike
Bento box - puffer
Garmin on bike - power on before the swim
Aerobottle full

Underseat Bag
2 spare tubes
Tire levers
2 gas cartridges
Bike tool

Sugoi Brand Champion tank top
Tri shorts
Flip flops ?

Wet suit
Swim cap(s)
Track suit if cold

In Back Pack (with Erik)
Chocolate milk (for after)
Sun screen
Body Glide - for under wetsuit, calves, wrists, neck etc.
Extra goggles

Pack in car for the trip

All of the above PLUS:

Floor pump
Extra set of clothes in case

Dinner food - chicken, rice, bananas
Snack food
Breakfast food - yogurt, oatmeal, banana

Ice packs?

Alarm clock
BC Triathlon Membership Card

OK, that's all I can think of right now. I will be adding more as I remember things.

Goal Times?:

Swim: 16 minutes

T1: <2 Minutes

Bike: 35-36 min (it's actually only 18k)

T2: 1 minute

Run: tough to guess. Under 30 minutes. Maybe only barely tho.

16+2+36+1+30 = 1:25?

Time last year was 1:28 because of my poor run and windy bike.

But who really knows? If it's windy, forget it. It took me 45 minutes to do that bike route in a strong wind last year.

Here's a link to the race:

Oliver Sprint (and Olympic) Triathlon


Bret said...

Good luck on my triathlon! Have fun on your first tri!

Glenn Jones said...

Alright! This is what it's all about right? All that hard work and training. Time for your victory lap! How can we stalk you? Is there real time tracking available?

Kelownagurl said...

Thanks Glenn but this is only the sprint. A small warm up tri before the big one on June 6th. :)

I'm afraid there's no tracking on either race but I promise to tweet as soon as I'm done. :)

Stuart said...

Game face time!

Go get 'em!