Monday, May 24, 2010

Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around....

Just a quick update to tell you I've been out and about on the internets this week.

First off - I was interviewed this week, by my friend, Ian Chitson, from Daily Mile, for his blog Running OK in the UK. Check out his blog, he's got some interesting stuff there! Thanks Ian!

Second - the amazing Colin Hayes (resurrectedrunr) asked me to collaborate with him on one of his famous parody songs for the Run Run Live Podcast. We did our rendition of Elton John and Kiki Dee's song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" ~ "Don't You Break My PR". What makes it truly amazing, is that we can do a duet, having never met in real life. How cool is that? Check out Chris Russell's podcast episode #122 to hear the song. I also plan to play it on my next episode (#65) as well.

Third - while we're on the topic of Run Run Live, this is the last week to add your miles to the Podcaster's Challenge on Buckeye Outdoors. There are only two Podcasts left - "Running Stupid" and "Run Run Live". If you are so inclined, please join Chris's team and add your miles - he needs every mile you can spare since the RS team is known for adding their miles at the last moment. (I have absolutely nothing against the other team - I just don't know them and haven't heard their podcast, and Chris is the man who gave me my start into podcasting so I am partial to his show :)

Finally - training is going well. I recovered quickly from my sprint race and was right back into training the next day. On Saturday I had my last hard brick - 90 minute Zone 2-3 ride and 60 minute Zone 2-3 run. I got through it fine although I was tired and sore by the end of the run and happy that I didn't have to keep on running another 11km. I think I went a little too hard (about 6 min / km), and I suspect I should probably stick with a 7 min/km for the Half Iron and if I'm feeling good, I can speed up a little for the second half. Somehow I doubt I'll be feeling good for the second half though. LOL...

My ankles and feet (arches, PTT etc) continue to be a bit twingey. I'm not sure what to expect or how to proceed so I will continue to be cautious and just try to rest them as much as I can before the race.

Take care everyone. Happy training!!!


Ian Chitson said...

Thank you.

Stuart said...

You have never listened to Running I know you!