Thursday, May 20, 2010

Short video after the race

OK, so right after the race, I stood in the lake to cool my legs a bit. I had my blackberry and I was sending my coach a message to let him know how I had done on the race. While I was there, Erik came up with the camera and said told me he'd already seen the results sheet and that I'd come in first of ten in my age group. I was happy but I continued emailing my coach to let him know and I didn't know Erik was actually video taping me to see my response to his news. He laughed because I was too busy texting to "respond" the way he had wanted. :)



Muus said...

well done.... :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome I'm so happy for you. lol that vid was so so funny.
Regards Trea

kara said...

That is so kewl!

Stuart said...

...ah priorities!