Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Days

It's that crazy time of year again. Teachers really have a tough time doing any serious training in September or June. At least I do. Not only do I have work related stuff to do like report cards, year end class parties, field trips, sports day, putting together gifts for my students, year end assessment, TONS of paperwork, cleaning my room, taking down everything from the walls, and more, there is also staff related stuff such as three retirement parties and 2 year end staff parties to attend, and parental duties such as my son's Grade 7 grad, keeping him organized for all of his year end activities, and buying gifts for his teachers.

Swim? I don't think so. Bike, well maybe if the weather was nicer and I wasn't so tired. Run? Yes! but I'm hurting right now.

I went for my 90 minutes trail run last Sunday as planned. I was excited to be heading out for a long one again but decided to play it safe and run on the flat greenway instead of the hills until I was sure my shins were ok. My shins were slightly twingey for the first km and then felt fine. Nothing I would call pain at all. I kept a nice, easy, slow pace (about 7 min km 11:15 mile) and for 5 km, everything was great, however once I passed the 5km mark, my stupid left knee started to tighten up.

By the time I was at the turn around point (6km), it was hurting enough that I had to start taking walk breaks. I tried running 400m, walk 10om and managed to maintain that for a few kms then had to start walking more frequently. At the 11km, I walked back to the car without running at all. It was the same kind of pain I had during my half iron only this time, I wasn't biking when it started.

Grrrrr. I am frustrated because I was thinking that the knee pain was caused by the biking and that if I solved that, I wouldn't have pain when I run. Now I'm not so sure.

My knee was sore for about 30 minutes after I got home and then it was fine and has been fine since then. However, my shins were a little sore the next day and I have not run this week as planned. I was supposed to do a Max HR run test on Tuesday and a LTHR test on Thursday but I didn't do either one. If I run that hard right now, I'll hurt myself for sure. It might have been good to get out for an easy run yesterday or today but I have not had a moment of free time when I'm not totally exhausted from work so I'm just taking it easy this week and letting my legs rest. It's probably what I should have done for 3-4 days after my 5km race anyway.

And so, that's it in a nut shell. 3 more days of school and then an admin day and I'm free for 65+ days of summer holidays!!!

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