Monday, February 16, 2009

Runner's Round Table and more

Hi everyone,

Been having a busy week but wanted to check in for an update.

Tonight I was lucky to be a part of the Runner's Round Table - West Coast Edition. The episode (#17?) will be posted to itunes soon but for now, you can download a copy here. You can also check out the Runner's Roundtable blog.

My training's been going fairly well this week but my focus for the week changed a little while I took a rest from running to give my poor shins a break.

Picking up from where I left off last week....

Wednesday - I couldn't get the car and had some important family commitments so I didn't swim so that evening. Instead I did 5X20 crunches and 5X10 pushups, and did the Yogamazing for Runners with some additional calf/shin stretching.

Thursday - I tried to go for a run but suffered too much shin pain so ended up walking briskly the entire time. I did 3km in 30 minutes, and recorded audio for my podcast while I walked. Then that evening I did a full upper body workout, dorsal flexion exercises, squats and side leg lifts, followed by 30 minutes of Yoga and stretching.

Friday - I danced for about 2 hours at the family dance, in heels. Not the best thing for my shins but I had fun. A good cardio workout. :)

Saturday - 5X20 crunches and 5X10 pushups again. Skipped my run this weekend too.

Sunday - 1:10 on the trainer. Mostly Zone 2, with some drills and a WU/CD. Felt good.

Today - Planning to do crunches/pushups and yoga tonight before I go to bed.

Plan for rest of the week:

Tue - going to try running again
Wed - swim I hope.
Thu - run I hope
Fri - going out of town
S/S - will fit in one run while I'm away this weekend.


On Friday I had my eye appointment and we decided that I will be getting my left eye 'touched up' and start wearing reading glasses if need be. There are no laser appointments available between now and spring break (mid-march) but the doctor is going to try to squeeze me in anyway. They do laser surgery one day a week, Thurs or Fri, so I have a chance to get in the 19th, 26th, or March 5th. I'm really hoping for the 26th while my student teacher is still here - less disruption in my class. I really hoping it's NOT the 19th, because Erik and I are planning a weekend away and have a place and the dog kennel already booked. Crossing my fingers.

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