Monday, February 23, 2009

Gotta love weekends away...

Hubby and I took off Friday afternoon to get away for 48 hours. We drove to a small town about an hour and a half away and stayed in a really nice B&B. We had a couple of great dinners out, visited the Granite Creek Winery, bought homemade gouda cheese, and slept a lot. I went for a run on Saturday, breaking many of my safety rules by running alone, on a busy, unfamiliar highway, late in the day, without ID or money. I had my cell phone but I must admit I felt a little vulnerable, especially when I was running back up the country road that wound through the dense forest. Earlier that day we had listened to the winery owner recount the tale of his dog, Shia, who had managed to escape capture by a cougar a year ago. I managed to arrive back safely, and we headed for home Sunday afternoon, in time to get a little school work done for the week.


I ran 4.7 km on Thursday and 4.4 km on Saturday without significant pain. That's 14.3 km for the week. I made to sure to do a long warm up and throw in some walk breaks, then streched well afterwards. I've also been wearing my Zensah shin sleeves after my run and sometimes during the next day. I am doing the toe lift exercises on the off-days and trying to fit in my upper body workouts when I can.

For now, I've stopped swimming. My swimming fitness is fine and I have to stop swimming for 3 weeks when I get my eyes lasered again anyway so fitting a couple more swim workouts between now and then doesn't seem worth the huge amount of time it takes out of my day. By the time I can get back in the pool, the new pool will be open so I am going to cancel my Y membership and sign up at the new YMCA for April 1st. I CANNOT wait until I am only a 5 minutes drive away from the pool. I think I might even be able to fit in a morning swim once in awhile. I'll have to see if I can work that out.

Goals for the week

• Run (easy) on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

• Upper body weights and toe lifts on Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

• Trainer 2X

• Get my report cards done!!!

And OMG those Trilogy Running boys, Shawn and Jason, are SO funny. Got a real kick out of their latest episode.

Adding some more, as I think thru some sort of training plan.

Feb. 22-28 *5-1 R/W
Mar. 1-7 *6-1 R/W
Mar. 8-14 *8-1 R/W
Mar. 15-21 *10-1 R/W
Mar. 22-28 *12-1 R/W
Mar.29-Apr.4 *15-1 R/W
Apr. 5-11 *15-1 R/W
Apr. 12-18 *20-1 R/W
Apr. 19-25 *30-1 R/W
Apr. 26-May 2 5km run
May 3-9 5km run
May 10-17 5km run
May 24 race


Stuart said...

Looks pretty solid, glad to hear the shins are working for you!

RunnerGirl said...

I've been listening to your podcasts (well, the first two so far) during my morning runs and really enjoying them. You're an inspiration!

Kelownagurl said...

Thanks Stuart! I hope it works. Skipping today's run due to soreness tho. Gonna run tmo (friday) instead.

Hey runnergirl - thanks and I just followed your blog. Looks like good stuff and funny!

Rolando said...

Wow that is some run! I'm slowly trying to get back into running. Yes actually running outside of the gym. I can't seem to do it. What's your secret?