Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I hesitate to write about this because it seems all I do lately is complain, but I have been SOOOO tired lately. I feel like I could fall asleep at work and I come home from school and have a nap, then I need to go to bed early. I do remember feeling like this, at this time of year last year. Maybe it's just a symptom of the return to harder training? I don't know. Maybe I need vitamins/iron? Maybe it's the cutting back of calories (which I have not done that consisntely so it's hard to blame my eating.) Maybe it's the extra stress in my life right now (most likely a big contributor.)

Anyway, sometimes I make myself go workout anyway and I feel good afterward, and other times, I can only crawl into bed and sleep.

I am listening to my body and trying to figure out what to do. I do know I am sick to death of the cold and I need it to get warm soon and melt the ice and snow. My crappy vision is really putting me off my stride and making me mentally exhausted too.

Sunday - I did weights and abs in the morning and yoga i the evening.

Monday - I did a 45 min trainer ride and did yoga the evening. The yoga felt so good, I think I need to get back into that pattern again. It might be more do-able now that I have figured out how to upload the podcast video onto my blackberry.

Today - I came home and slept for 90 minutes. I only got up becasue I had to go pick up my husband. My shins are quite tender today and so it was easy to decide to skip my run.

Tomorrow is swim day. Hubby still has a number of interviews after school so I'm not sure if I can get the car. We'll see.

OK, coming up later this week - less whining and more enthusiasm. If not, I just won't post. :)

PS Finally go logged into Talkshoe. Last night, I called in to The Triathlete's Coffee Shop and that podcast is now posted on itunes. Just google it. I was fairly quiet most of the time, for me. :)

Tonight I finally managed to log in using the computer by turning on Hotspot Shield before I called in. That makes it looks like I'm coming from a US IP address so maybe that's what made the difference I don't know.

Anyway, The Runners Round Table West Coast will air live on Talkshoe at 8pm PST Monday, February 16th. Join us at the Round Table chatroom! (See link in last blog post).


Stuart said...

Have you thought about Zensah sleeves for your shins, they might help?

Kelownagurl said...

Yeah, I have some. I wear them after my run if my shins are tender. So far I don't think they've helped but maybe they'd be worse if I didn't?

Amanda & Sean said...

I wish I had some suggestions, but I don't. SO, I'll just be your cheerleader!
I hope that your body (and mind) get the rest it needs and that you are able to get up and running again (literally) and feel good about it.
Maybe a massage at a local spa? Take your mind off of work, etc. and pamper those muscles!