Saturday, June 14, 2008

Procrastination and a little w(h)ine

OK, I am supposed to be working on my report cards right now. All the other primary teachers at my school have apparently FINISHED theirs and I have yet to begin. I'm not that worried about it quite frankly, because they aren't due until NEXT Friday so what's the big deal?? I'll get 'em done, maybe Thursday night. :)


1. I skipped my run on Tuesday because my quads were really quite tight and sore after the race on Sunday. By Thursday they were feeling much better, with only a little residual tightness so I decided to do a easy 3-5 km run and see how it went. Well, it hurt. And it was my shins that hurt. WHAT? They didn't hurt at all during or after the race, at least not when I was walking around. They do hurt if I touch them, but they always hurt if I touch them so that's nothing new. (And by 'touch', I mean, push my fingers into the tender spot of the muscle, close to and under the inside of the shin bone.) So anyway, I ran about 2-3 minutes, and it wasn't settling down so I walked a minute and tried running again. I ended up running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute for the entire 3 km. They did eventually start to feel a bit better but I was also pretty tired and didn't have a lot of gas in the tank so I just took it easy. I skipped Friday as usual and although I normally run on Saturdays, I decided to wait one more day and try again tomorrow morning. Oh please, please, please, let the pain go away and don't make me have to start ALL OVER AGAIN with the stupid walk/run thing! Aaaaaackkkkkk! I am going to freak out.

2. I haven't been able to give my new bike a good test ride yet because I really have been so tired this week and my legs were sore as I may have mentioned above. We did an easy 35 km on Wednesday and got caught in a rainstorm so my poor bike got all muddy and wet. But she does ride like a dream and shifts super smoothly. I hope to be able to get in a proper hard ride soon. It may not be this weekend though. I am still tired, and I have a lot to do this weekend. Today I am going to swim and Erik will do a hammer fest while I swim, then I'll join him and we'll do another easier 20-30 km together. And I won't ride hard tomorrow because I am planning to try another run. Only 9 more days of school left though and then I can run, ride, swim to my heart's content...

3. Weight - ugh. My weight isn't bad, it's just not going down. That's mainly because I've been eating crap again. Not really bad crap, just less than perfect crap, and too much of it. And I do NOT think it's fair that I have the same appetite as my 6' 1", 175 lb husband, or that he burns TWICE as many calories as I do when we exercise. Argh. My biggest complaint is that stupid roll of fat around my middle. Even if I do all the ab exercises in the world, the fat would cover my 6 pack (if I had one :)) I was doing so well with the 10 in 10 challenge and then I just fell off the wagon, mostly due to laziness in the food preparation department, and I slipped back onto eating too much bread and fat and dessert-type stuff. OK, time to get back on it, NOW!

4. Last "whine" is really more of a "wine" actually. We've found a new use for our home made red wine - (which isn't all that bad on its own) - I've been making Sangria - yum! It's so nice to sit out on the the deck on a Friday or Saturday evening, with cold jug of Sangria, and watch the world go by. Life is good! (Edit: I suppose this could also be related to my weight complaint, lol...)

Evening Update on a Positive Note:

I had two PR's today! The first was a 1500m swim in 37:52. That's my longest endurance swim so far and I'm sure I could have gone longer. So now I'm ready to do an Oly swim, although not very fast. :) I've decided to sign up for th Across the Lake swim on July 19th - it's 2 km and I'm sure I could do it.

My second PR was climbing Gordon Hill on my new bike.I was a bit tired, and I'd swum 2000m and ridden 45km but I still managed to climb the hill in 03:20! My previous record was 03:30 and that was only once. (Gordon Hill is the last climb before I get home. It's a bit longer than 1/2 mile (.7 km) and it's 10% pretty well the whole way.) I did not go under 10 kmh the entire climb. I LOVE this bike!

I did manage to give my Madone a better test today. Although it was right after my swim and I was a bit tired, I did manage to do some great sprints and I passed Erik a couple of times. It accelerates SO quickly, it's amazing! I guess the next real test will be to do the TT route, and our North Glenmore route, and the Lakeshore route on days when I'm feeling strong and it's not windy, and see how my times and speeds compare. At this point, I think there's no doubt that it's a faster bike.

I REALLY hope I can do a good run tomorrow. At least 3km without stopping, and without pain. PLEASE!!! Crossing my fingers.


gabsatrucker said...

I know exactly what you're talking about with the waist!! It drives me crazy that I've lost weight everywhere but there and my face and at this point I've lost almost all desire to count calories. Great blog, I found you through the 4 Feet Running blog.

gabsatrucker said...

I've loosened the clipless pedals as loose as they'll go, it may be the type I have (spd-sl), I'll get back to working with them in a couple of weeks. I just found TE last month, haven't posted but do enjoy the forums very much. LOVE the tip about the steel cut oats, I will have to try that next week, thanks!! Right now I'm still nervous about falling again because it's been so little time since I broke my clavicle, I want the union to harden up more before I get too adventurous again, lol!