Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eye Appointment

Well, I saw the eye doctor today. I am three months post-op (PRK laser eye surgery for anyone who hasn't read my voluminous earlier chapters. :)

Anyway, both eyes have improved marginally in the past month so I got a new contact lens for each eye. I will continue to wear the right contact all the time, and save the left one for biking only.

May 5th

Right -1.75
Left -2.25

June 4th

Right -1.50
Left -1.75

My left eye is pretty well at the level we want it to be but it's hard to say how much more the right will correct (or regress) over the next few months. It's unlikely that it will get down to '0' though so I will probably need an 'enhancement' surgery next fall on my right eye only.

I wore both new contacts this afternoon when I went for a 20km bike ride by myself after dinner. I rode the hilly lakeshore route and although it was windy going out, I made fairly good time with a 24.4 kmh average over all.

I'm hoping to get up early to run tomorrow morning again. I only have a few more weeks until school is out so I think I can force myself to do the early morning runs until July. We'll see.

Over and out.

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