Thursday, June 19, 2008

The end is in sight...

The end of the school year, that is. Sorry for anyone looking for a running/training post. Sometimes life gets in the way. I'm finished my report cards and since they're due tomorrow, that's a good thing. Tomorrow is play day and it'll be hectic and fun in the morning, but easy going in the afternoon because the kids watch a movie. I am so far behind in other school stuff right now that it'll be good to get caught up a bit.

I did have a couple of good workouts this week. I had a good swim on Monday - the last day of the students' swim lessons. I did a warm up and then 4 X 200m, negative splits. On Tuesday, I rode to school, then rode to a meeting at noon, and rode home that afternoon, stopping at the LBS to get my gears adjusted. What a difference that made - no more slipping chain. I cruised up the old Paret Road hill this time instead of climbing Gordon.

Then before dinner on Tuesday, I decided to go for a run since my Sunday run went so well. Well, I didn't get very far without significant shin pain again. So I ran 5 minutes and walked one minute and packed it after only 3km.

I've been staying up late every night this week so I'm pretty tired. I was too busy on Wednesday and today to train. We had a staff meeting after school today and I got home late. My shins are still sore so I skipped the run because I knew it would just be painful. I doubt I'll be able to run tomorrow (time) but I hope I can do a longer run on Saturday and make up for it. If my shins still hurt, then I'll head back to the PT I guess. Argh.

I guess my plan for next week will be abbreviated as well because it's our last week of school and is bound to be busy.

Sat/Sun - at least one swim, bike, and run total.
Mon - ?
Tue - run
Wed - ?
Thu - run in am?
Fri - rest
Sat - on holiday!!

I guess I have to start thinking about how I'm going to train once my time is my own again.

And somehow, I HAVE TO get into the lake. Yes Paul, I know. I need to do it SOON! :)


Paul said...

I used to have a neighbor who was a teacher. (we were very good friends) Every year at the end of June I would tell him he would no longer receive sympathy from me for the summer...anyone who gets two months holidays does not deserve sympathy. ;)

Barb, have you tried containing your runs to grass only? Maybe a school track etc.? Might help with the shin splints.

Kelownagirl said...

Hey, I'm not asking for any sympathy - I LOVE my job and I love my vacation time! It's a long time from June 30th and September 15th paycheques though. :)

The only track we have in town is the Apple Bowl, about a 20 minute drive from my place. I've considered running there if all else fails. I've also thought about heading down to one of the big soccer fields and running the perimeter. Thanks for the suggestion!