Sunday, January 12, 2014


Somehow this year I feel like I'm back at the starting gate. I wouldn't go so far to say last year was a complete waste, but it definitely wasn't a banner year for me in terms of training. And as the year went on, it seemed to be a downward spiral of illness coupled with lack of training.

I have always prided myself in rarely getting sick, despite my constant contact with runny noses at school, and most years, I get one or two mild colds that only last a few days. In part, I chalked that up to a strong immune system due to being fit and healthy. But in 2013, I seemed to get one cold after another, each one bad enough to interfere with my running.  When my training suffered, I became less fit, and subsequently my immune system weakened, making me more likely to catch the next bug that comes along. So what came first? The lack of fitness or the illness?  I don't know, but it's a vicious cycle, one that I need to break. Now.

I am trying hard to get back on track this year.  I'm trying to build up slowly because I've learned over the years that bumping up my miles too quickly only causes trouble and injury.  So I will start slowly and try hard not to get injured.

I also have a plan for illness. I catch another cold before I can get fit and rebuild my immune system, my plan is to continue to exercise in a gentle way, rather than stop completely. I will walk instead of run and I will do yoga instead of lift weights at the gym. That makes sense to me.

This past week, January 6, was my New Year.  I started back to work on Monday and all week I ate healthy (essentially no sugar or grains, and maximum 1400-1500 calories per day), and I did some form of exercise almost every day. Now, before you suggest I need to eat more calories, or that I should/should not be eating grain products or meat or ?? , please remember that as Chris Russell says, we are all an experiment of one. I have tried all of the diets and this is what I know what works for me.

My running is slowly coming along. I'm doing a run/walk right now - usually 4 min run, 1 min walk - and it is allowing me to get back to three runs a week fairly quickly. However, as usual, the tendon over my right ankle is always the first niggle to flare up so I have been careful to ease back whenever it starts to hurt.  Despite lots of physio work and advice, it continues to be an issue and I've just learn to live with it and manage it. I've run 3 times a week for 2 weeks now, but on Friday, I went out for a short easy run and after 2km it was hurting enough that I decided to cut my losses and stop the run so that it would be rested enough for a more important run this weekend.  I am on my way out right now and am hoping that it doesn't bother me during what I hope is my "long" run of 8km.  We shall see.

So that's where I am right now.  Back on track with healthy eating (and with 15 lbs to lose, I am very motivated) and back on track with regular gentle exercise. It'll happen.

Training in last 2 1/2 weeks

Dec. 27 - weights, 3km walk in 30 min on treadmill
Dec. 28 - 5.5 km walk 1 hour (outside)
Dec. 29 - 5.2 km run in 36 min (long run)

Dec. 30 - weights
Dec. 31 - 1 hour snowshoeing, 4km
Jan. 1 - core work
Jan. 2 - 5 km run in 36 min
Jan. 3 - weights
Jan. 4 - off
Jan. 5 - 6.4 km run in 45 min (long run)

Jan. 6 - weights
Jan. 7 - off
Jan. 8 - 5 km run in 39 min
Jan. 9 - weights
Jan. 10 - 16 min run (sore ankle)
Jan. 11 - off
Jan. 12 - 8.4 km run in 1:03 (long run)

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