Sunday, May 13, 2012

Not an update

I should probably post an update soon.

All is well, I've been busy.  Training has gone pretty good - big focus on getting the running in, not so good at getting the cross training in. Shins are fine, low back is iffy but ok.  I survived the 34km long run last week and I'm into taper now.

Race day is May 27.  Abbotsford Run for Water Marathon.  Cross your fingers - my goal is to finish.  Under 5 hours would be nice but not guaranteed.

Happy Mother's Day!


Ian Charters said...

Good to see your training, or at least the running, is going well. Will be thinking of you at the end of the month.

Just keep on keeping on and the miles will fly by. Have a great one.

pay per head services said...

It is great that you are been doing fine. Specially your injury. I hope that you can keep it up