Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not the best week but...

I knew coming into it, that this was going to be a tough week for training, and it was. I had a ton going on at work and at home, so I scaled down the training plan and decided to focus on sticking to my run schedule - the rest will be what it is.  What I didn't count on is catching a gastro bug that is going through my school right now.

Thursday's run was good - I decided to bump it up and do the Furman FIRST tempo run - 1.5km warm up at 6:40/km, then 5k at 6:20, and 1.5 km at 6:40.  Only problem was I forgot my Garmin so I had to use Runkeeper on my iphone which meant I really didn't have much of a clue as to my current pace, and subsequently, I ran faster than I was supposed to, a lot of the time. I was pretty sore the next day and things were too busy to jump on the trainer that night anyway so I figured it was just was well that I had an extra rest day for my sore feet/ankles/calves. (Why does speedwork always hurt so much???)

Saturday I woke up feeling really run down and by late morning, I was wishing I hadn't eaten any breakfast. I spent much of the day hunkered down on the couch, ate very little all day, and finally started to perk up only slightly on Sunday morning. By late afternoon Sunday (now), I am starting feel a little more like myself and I'm torn about whether I should attempt to get my 2 hour run in now, or give myself another day of rest and try to do it after work tomorrow. I'm still a little nauseous and fatigued but I might be able to do it - I have not decided.  I just took some more acetaminophen for my head and I did have a little lunch so maybe I'd be ok.  I'm just not sure what the best course of action will be.

As for the diet, things are going pretty well in that regard. I was actually down a pound early in the week and now over the last 2 days, I've lost another, but I won't actually count that until I feel well enough to eat a couple of full meals.

**UPDATE - At 5 pm I was feeling MUCH better so I pushed myself and got out and did the whole 15km.  Yay!  Here's the Dailymile report. 

So this week's plan?

Mon - trainer (or my missed 2 hour run)
Tues - appt after school, quick dinner, then class at 7:30-9:00...
Wed - meetings until 6:30ish, then dinner. Not sure if I can do anything, maybe trainer in evening?
Thur - (45-60 min run)
Fri - strength and trainer?
Sat - long run (2:00)
Sun - swim and weights

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Stuart said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Sunday looks hard, won't they make you sink?