Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Update

As a followup to my last post, my training has gone really well over all. I did do the planned swim and strength workout on Sunday, Jan. 22, including the PT stuff to strengthen my glutes (walking lunges, step ups, and one legged leg press), but once again, my quads and glutes were trashed for 2-3 days afterward and I had to adapt my run on the Monday.

I had a hectic week with appointments on my usual run days (Tues/Thurs) so I switched things up and planned to run Mon/Wed instead.

Here are how things went:

Mon (23) - 3km treadmill, 3 km elliptical (adapted due to soreness)
Tue (24) - Rest day
Wed (25) - Great run - hilly 6.8km in 45 min, snowy/icey in spots, but decent pace
Thu (26) - Trainer - 29.6km in 1:02 - much better pace. 30 min 80rpm, 30 min 90 rpm
Fri (27) - Busy day - no time to train
Sat (28) - Long run in the snow, 14.5k, 1:45
Sun (29) - Gym (pool busy) - Rowing 30 min 5.6 km, strength machines

On Sunday's strength workout, I tried something different. I cut back to two sets of 12 rep of the leg machines, and in a couple of cases, cut back one notch on the weight.  I did the PT exercises as well, but also cut down on the number.  Subsequently, I was able to run, relatively pain free on Monday. I think I will continue with this reduction of those specific exercises until I build up a little more strength.

This current week is a very hectic one at school.  I will not be able to train every day but I will endeavour to get my runs in. When I ran on Monday, I went a little longer so I could hit 100km for the month, for the first time, and I made it!  101 km for the month of January!  I felt pretty good on the run, and had a pretty good pace once again.

I didn't get my training in today, but I do plan to run tomorrow again. I'm not sure if I'll get anything done on Friday, but everything should be back to normal on the weekend.  I guess I'll just consider this a 'rest' week. :)

Mon (30) - 63 min. run, 9.4 km
Tue (31) - rest day (too busy)
Wed (1) - full stretch and some strength and PT work at home

And the rest of the week?

Thu (2) - I plan to run 45 min
Fri (3) - 1 hr on trainer or nothing
Sat (4) - 1:45-1:50 - 15km, 6:49 pace
Sun (5) - Swim and weights

So now that I've managed to hit a 100km running month, let's see if I can do that every month until May.


My weight has fluctuated a bit but seems to moving in the right direction, however slowly.  More interestingly though, I pulled out my measuring tape and found I've lost at least an inch on the waist, hips, upper thighs etc so I am definitely feeling 'slimmer' even if the scale isn't showing big changes. This positive trend will help motivate me.  I am really finding it tough to keep updating Sparkpeople with my meal info so I can track my calories, for more than a day or two, but I will continue to try.

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