Monday, May 21, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

Daily Mile exerpt Test Run  

Kelownagurl ran 4.3 km in 30 minutes.  06:58/km pace
Hurrah! My back was feeling a lot better last night, and it felt almost normal this morning so Erik and I went for a short easy run on the greenway to see what would happen. I was fully prepared to stop or do a walk/run if anything started to tighten up but I felt more or less fine the entire time. I started with a 2 minute walk, and I took one short walk break at the 1k mark, but I ran the rest of it. Even my running pace was half decent.

Despite feeling like I could have gone further, I stopped after 30 minutes and came home to foam roll, stretch, and ice. Tomorrow I'm going to bike easy to keep my legs loose and I will do an easy 5k on Wednesday.

Time to make a packing list for the race!

13C overcast, light rain. Tri shorts, tech tshirt, Versa jacket. Took sleeves off after 10 minutes - I was too warm. Gives me an idea of what to wear next weekend. Right now, the forecast is for 10C-15C, and 40% chance of showers.

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