Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Worlds Collide

As many of you know, I have tried hard to keep my "real life" and my "internet life" separate, but after 4 years online, it's getting a bit more challenging. I realize of course, that anyone can look up my race results online and get my real name, but so far I've avoided having my real name in print on the same page as Kelownagurl. In other words, if you googled one, you wouldn't find the other.

However, I had an opportunity a few weeks ago that I just couldn't pass up - Adriana Barton, a journalist for Canada's National Newspaper - the Globe and Mail, was doing a piece on the huge influx of middle class professionals getting into triathlon.  In her research, she stumbled across my account on Beginner Triathlete, checked out my blog. and emailed me to request a phone interview.

Naturally I was suspicious - I get a lot of weird email,  and the last thing I wanted to do was make a fool of myself, responding to spam.  However, I checked out her articles in the Globe and Mail online and I emailed the newspaper to confirm she was legit, and then I contacted her and said I'd be happy to chat with her on the phone.  She was easy to talk to and I really enjoyed talking with her.

I was still a little nervous about what she might take away from our conversation and put into print, but I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the article on Monday morning (August 22) and relieved to find she was able to make me sound reasonably intelligent. :)

At any rate, I'm not sure how long the article will be available online but here is a link to the article "Weekend warriors race to sign up for short triathlons" for now.  Of course, I bought a couple copies of the newspaper to keep for myself. And hey, if you read the article online, click the tweet, share, or like buttons at the bottom of the article, or leave a comment!  Thanks!

So there you go, Kelownagurl and the real me, all on the same page. Well, not on this blog haha, but it is out there!  Yikes! Now what?


Jennifer said...

Hmmm... interesting. You've met so many people in person over the years-- isn't that your "real life"? And as you said, anyone could have easily looked up your race results, and if anyone had any shady motives, they would have a long time ago.

Even before I had a blog I was a regular contributor to two running message boards, where my username easily revealed my true name- I never worried about it. One thing I do is keep my kids names out of public postings, though.

Jennifer said...

One interesting thing is that Google+ is supposedly not allowing people to use aliases, but you are still Kelwonagurl on there. Other more famous people have not been allowed to use their aliases. I wonder if they'll catch that.

Mike said...

I thought it was a good article. Bonus to be described as "buff looking"!

Kelownagurl said...

Jennifer - to be honest, I've never been that worried about my online friends knowing my real name. I was really just trying to avoid having my real life friends (and parents of kids I teach), googling my real name and finding Kelownagurl. I rarely do or say anything I regret but at the same time, it just seemed simpler if I didn't have to analyze every little thing I wrote.

Jennifer said...

Ah, that makes sense, teaching young kids.

Kabekona Tri Girl said...

You go girl.... you "buff looking schoolteacher". love it!