Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Six Pounds of Fat

This is how much weight I need to lose to once again feel comfortable in my own skin.  I was thinking about it when I bought a pound of butter at the store today.  I imagined each block of butter and slathering it onto my hips, belly, and butt.  Maybe a half pound on each arm.

I know six lbs isn't a lot to some people but on my fairly small frame, it's a lot. I'm now at the point where my clothes feel tight.  I need to make some changea.  Starting Tuesday, September 6 when I go back to school.



RaceAcrossAmerica2011 said...

i need to loose 16kg! how many packs of butter is that? :-)

Blaine @ 101marathoners said...

6lbs of butter does not look very pretty especially if you envision it in your body... That alone gives me incentive as well to start getting back down to my ideal weight. Enjoy your weekend and watch out for those cougars!