Thursday, August 25, 2011

Number Crunching

I was curious about how many kilometres I'd ridden since I started riding my bike in 2006, so I went into my various online records to see what my totals were and decided to put the info into spreadsheet format.

From Beginner Triathlete, I was easily able to get my Swim, Bike, Run totals for 2007 to date, and I still had my bike numbers from 2006 online at  It was really interesting to see how the numbers added up. I think I will put this chart onto my "Training" page (see the menu above) so it's easily accessible and I can update it twice a year.

Year Bike kms Bike Hours Run kms Run Hours Swim kms Swim Hours
2006 2774.67 132:38:18 0 0:00:00 0 0:00:00
2007 3472.71 155:13:29 156.36 18:04:02 0 0:00:00
2008 2743.65 117:51:59 508.07 62:18:13 64.45 36:38:01
2009 2152.08 102:06:13 502.33 65:42:47 41.25 20:10:00
2010 2358.59 99:52:27 703.23 89:34:43 96.6 45:37:53
to Aug 2011 1643.56 68:16:42 598.49 69:06:41 19.75 8:32:07
 (in miles)
675:59:08 2468.48
304:46:26 222.05

As you probably know, I'm a numbers junkie.  I find it tremendously motivating and I enjoy looking for patterns that help me better understand myself as an athlete.  On their own, the totals above don't mean a lot - it's the quality of my day-to-day training that important - but it's stll interesting to see the how far I've come in the past 5 years.

Erik and I were discussing the role technology plays in training today, after he read a facebook comment by somebody suggesting that we need to throw out our computers and just get out and ride (or swim or run). I think that in some situations, and for some people, this might be a good idea.  But for me, keeping track of my training is a very enjoyable and motivating aspect of working out. Most days when I finish a workout, the very first thing I do is sit down at my computer to upload or record my data, even before I shower. ;) The feeling of accomplishment is tremendous.

If you do not currently keep track of your riding, running, or swimming - I encourage you to sign up for one of the many free online journals such as Bikejournal, Beginner Triathlete, Dailymile, or Training Peaks and give it try. If you're not a computer nerd, you can buy a cheap notebook and record your training long hand.

And you don't need a computer to figure out how far you're run or ridden.  There are many free online mapping websites such as Map My Run that will do the figuring out for you, not to mention many apps that are available for your smartphone.

But no matter how you decide to record your info, the most important thing is to get out there and do it!

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