Monday, May 18, 2009

Taper Week - Ready to Race!

Wow, I can't believe it's already here! One week to go and I am getting so nervous as usual.

I've been going back over my posts from last year to see how I set things up in transition and to remind myself of all the things I need to do this week. Things will be a little different this time because I am racing out of town and have to take all my stuff in the car the day before. Sleeping in a hotel and eating away from home will be other wrinkles I have to consider.

Good news is - I get to wear a wetsuit this year. Bad news is - the lake is freaking cold. 16-17C (60-61F) at last check (thanks Paul).

Pink Towel
Bike Shoes (worn barefoot)
Running Shoes with s
Socks rolled half way down, tucked into each running shoe
Race belt with number
Full water bottle
Full bottle of Nuun/Carbo Pro

It'll look more or less like this pic (from last year) although I'm wearing different running shoes now, and I'll take two bottles I think. I won't have the epipen either.

Small hand towel (in case)
Shot Bloks or an extra Hammer Gel??
Jersey? (jacket or raingear or ??)

On Bike
Bento box - kleenex (no laughing), hammer gel, puffer
Garmin on bike - power on before the swim
Aerobottle full

Underseat Bag
Spare tube
Tire levers
2 gas cartridges
Bike tool

Tri top
Tri shorts
Flip flops
Wet suit
Swim cap(s)
Track suit if cold

In Back Pack (with Erik)
Epipen (just in case!)
Chocolate milk (for after)
Sun screen
Body Glide - for under wetsuit, calves, wrists, neck etc.

Pack in car for the trip

All of the above PLUS:

Floor pump
Tri top, tri shorts and extra set of clothes in case

Dinner food
Snack food
Breakfast food

Alarm clock
BC Triathlon Membership Card

OK, that's all I can think of right now. I will be adding more as I remember things.

Goal Times?:

I don't really have any because I haven't ridden this route much and can't really tell how I'll do BUT I will make some guesses.

Swim: 18 minutes (assuming it's the same distance as my last tri)

T1: 2 Minutes

Bike: 30.5-32 kmh = 34-35 min if it's actually only 18km.

T2: 1 minute

Run: tough to guess. Under 30 minutes. Maybe only barely tho.

18+2+34+1+28 = 1:23 - 1:26

But who really knows? If it's windy, forget it. It took me 45 minutes to do that bike route in a strong wind a few weeks ago.

Here's a link to the race:

Oliver Sprint (and Olympic) Triathlon
(Wed 7:30am, currently this site has been hacked. Hopefully the link will be working soon.)

Swim and Transition Map

Bike Route Map

Run Route Map


Gina Harris said...

You sound like you have everything planned out - just like I would. You'll do fantastic, I'm sure. Good luck!


PunkRockRunner said...

It sounds like you're ready and have thought of EVERYTHING.

I am sure that you will exceed your expectations and your race report will be amazing.

Good luck with the cold water!

Have a blast.

Runner Leana said...

Yowza, I am getting more and more nervous. I sent you a message on FB asking if you knew how cool the water was. Gulp!

Shawn said...

Good luck with the race! You are prepared so kick some Tri Booty!!!!

Stephen said...

Good luck and have a great race.